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Liberty 1212 Single Color Color Pencil

Liberty 1212 Single Color Color Pencil

NT$ 5.8334

Product Description

The Lovely Family shows up! The lively small panda and its colorful friends play among the blue sky, white clouds, rainbow, green grass and fruit trees. The lively and pleasant patterns are well-liked among the parents and the children.

The Lovely Family color pencils render bright and rich colors wonderfully; the delicate and pleasant patterns of the Lovely Family on the barrel present a warm and pleasant atmosphere. Most importantly, the barrel adopting the antibacterial principle of physical positive and negative charges, which kill the germs by unbalancing and breaking their cell walls, has 99.97% of antibacterial effects. It can effectively fight against more than 40 kinds of germs and prevents the cross infection in the campus and office! The long-term usage of the product will not cause drug resistance that might reduce the antibacterial effect; it will not cause damage on the gentle skin of the children!

Product Introduction

1_ The happy Lovely Family makes painting become the most favorite activity to the children.

2_ The Lovely Family color pencils, which are like a rainbow in a box, render the bright and rich colors.

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