Color Pencils

Liberty CC-212 Libery CC-212 Wood Color Pencil

Liberty CC-212 Libery CC-212 Wood Color Pencil

NT$ 120

Product Description

The Printed Wooden Color Pencils are a high-quality performance in the wooden craft. The wooden barrel possessing the temperature of the Nature is smooth and comfortable to hold. The colors presented by the Color Pencils are clear. For both drawing with single color and overlapping multiple colors, the luster shown is beautiful and soft. The printed pattern on the wooden barrel is gentle and sweet while the flower design is elegant and graceful. The Color Pencils which are well-liked by the female salaried employees and girls are the best comfort partner in coloring and Zentangle.

The Printed Wooden Color Pencils packaged in a delicately-printed and elegant metal box shows the unique aesthetic taste. They as the gentlest character on the table or easel and makes drawing and coloring become the most anticipated activity.

Product Introduction

1_ The pattern on the barrel of the Printed Wooden Color Pencils is soft and elegant.

2_ The bright and good-looking color is clear and identifiable. It is convenient for the user to pick up the colors.