Color Pencils

Liberty CC-912 Libery CC-212 Wood Color Pencil

Liberty CC-912 Libery CC-212 Wood Color Pencil

NT$ 130

Product Description

The Wooden Color Pencils which are designed for the purpose of cherishing the earth and protecting the nature are particularly made of the red cedar. Holding a barrel in hand which presents the clear wooden pattern and gives off the light wooden smell is like holding a beautiful forest in hand. Drawing and coloring thus becomes a SPA of phytoncide. The wooden barrel of the color pencils is printed with NOBLE, a Liberty trademark which symbolizes the quality products. Only the products which have high quality and undergo particular production can be printed with this trademark. Moreover, the Wooden Pencils are certified by American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) 4236, the Standard Practice for Labeling Art Material for Chronic Health Hazards. The product with the warranty of craft and product safety makes the parents feel safe about having their children use it.

Along with pursing the natural feeling, the Wooden Color Pencil is also designed the pencil tail with the same color of the core, which not only is convenient for the children to pick up colors but also makes the wooden barrel more colorful.

Product Introduction

1_ The Color Pencil made of the red cedar presents the natural and warm wooden patter and gives off the light smell. It is like the phytoncide in hand.

2_ The Color Pencil with the soft colors on the cedar barrel presents a colorful world through simple color overlapping.

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