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Liberty CC-086 Clown Fish Color Pencil

Liberty CC-086 Clown Fish Color Pencil

NT$ 140

Product Description

The hexangular barrel which is not easy to roll around presents the humble character and cordial feeling with the plain colors. The golden words on the upper part of the pencils better the texture. A sharpen pencil tip can draw any delicates lines easily. The core with soft texture and rich color is easy to color and processed with an antibacterial treatment which allows the users to use safely. The basic 12 colors which satisfy any needs in drawing are suitable as the first box of color pencils for both adults and children who begin to learn drawing.

The Color Pencils packaged in a metal box have the clownfish play the leading role which gives the users an imagination about the beautiful world under the sea. The package represents a harmonious scene that the colorful clownfish swimming among the coral reefs and shallow lagoon as the clownfish develops a coexistent relationship with the sea anemones. Let’s pick up the color pencil and take ourselves as the free clownfish swimming in the limitless world of drawing!

Product Introduction

1._ The 12-Color Pencils satisfy the basic needs in drawing. The metal box with the clownfish as the leading role is eye-catching.

2._ The Color Pencils with rich colors are easy to render. The sharpened pencil tip can draw delicate and fine lines for a picture.

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