Liberty LB-1001 Click Fine Mechanical Ballpoint Pen

Liberty LB-1001 Click Fine Mechanical Ballpoint Pen

NT$ 10

Product Description

0.48 Fine Ballpoint Pen for office and classroom has a 0.48mm nib which springs out and back with the clunk sounds. The simple, clean and rhythmical design prevents the ballpoint pen from staining everywhere. The red, blue and black oil-based ink on any paperwork or assignment will not be blurred by water. The white and clean barrel with the rubber holder in the same color with the ink keeps the users refreshing even after long time of writing.

0.48 Clunk Fine Ballpoint Pen with the outstanding design and quality as well as affordable price would be a ballpoint pen with the highest CP ratio on the market.

Product Introduction

1_ The 0.48mm nib makes the writing more delicate and fine.

2_ The elastic rubber holder would never make the user tried.


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