Liberty LB-1007 Mechanical Ballpoint Pen

Liberty LB-1007 Mechanical Ballpoint Pen

NT$ 10

Product Description

No matter it is for paperwork or for assignment, 0.7 Mechanical Ballpoint Pen is the most humble and reliable partner! The 0.7mm nib provides smooth, clear and strong writing. The red, blue and black oil-based ink of the mechanical ballpoint pen which presents smooth and sheen color is water-proof and keeps the writing from blurring. The transparent design of the barrel allows the users to see the amount of the remaining ink. The principle for the design of pressing the nib out is simple and easy to operate. It effectively keeps the nib moist but not staining your pocket, briefcase and pen bag. The rubber holder not only saves much labor but also makes the barrel more fashionable.

The practical and user-friendly design with the affordable price is a high-quality writing tool with high CP ratio.

Product Introduction

1_ The 0.7mm nib makes the writing clear and bright.

2_ The high-quality rubber holder is easy to hold and not tiring.

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