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Liberty 1201-JTC Cute Family (Exrta-Large) Crayon

Liberty 1201-JTC Cute Family (Exrta-Large) Crayon

NT$ 100

Product Description

The patented Extra-Large Triangular Crayons which are easy to hold and draw and designed with the human factors of the children suit the preschool children who have small hand strength to draw. The antibacterial series product developed elaborately by Liberty uses the new generation of ingredient, silver inorganic antibacterial agent, and combines the unique antibacterial coating technology which can effectively fight against various germ infections. The product has passed the safety test of CE-EN71-3 of the EU and ASTM D4236 of the U.S. which assures the parents.

The Liberty brand product is packaged with a paper box in two colors: one is pink and the other is baby blue. The Lovely Family members including the lucky bear, popsicle bunny and brown sugar bear on the paper box are well-liked among the children. The standard 12 colors containing white, yellow, beige, orange, red, dark brown, green, blue, black, grey, azure and light green fulfill children’s imaginary world.

Product Introduction

1._ The 12 colors of crayons which have been processed with an antibacterial treatment are safer to use and satisfy the basic needs in drawing.

2._ The Crayons are easy to render the bright colors while the patented triangular barrels which are easy to hold and draw are designed with the human factors of the children.