Oil Pastel

Liberty 7600 Paper Roll Oil Pastel

Liberty 7600 Paper Roll Oil Pastel

NT$ 30

Product Description

The Paper-wrapped Grease Pencil which rivals the oil pastel in beauty is more colorful and richer while the stroke it presents is more unconstrained and artistic. The design makes the Grease Pencil convenient to be peeled off, needing no box cutters or pencil sharpeners to sharpen itself. By pulling the cotton string to peel off the paper and expose a certain length of the core, the Grease Pencil remains functional. It will not cause any wastes since the core maintains the same thickness without any cutting by a cutter or sharpener.

The rough Paper-wrapped Grease Pencil is not only a tool in drawing but also a great helper in work. For a publisher or traditional media who go checking the written samples, a Grease Pencil is needed to mark the modification. The strokes made by the Grease Pencil are clear and not easy to get blurred; the Paper-wrapped Grease Pencil is a must-have tool for an editor and a great helper in a working site.

Product Introduction

1_ It will not waste a bit since the paper is easy to be peeled off and needs no sharpener.

2_ The Paper-wrapped Grease Pencil can mark the key points in a textbook and present the soft and clear color.

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