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Liberty LTP Self-Filling Colorless Ink Pad

Liberty LTP Self-Filling Colorless Ink Pad

NT$ 80

Product Description

The Self-Filling Colorless Inkpad makes work more fun! The users can purchase black, blue, red or purple ink for the Inkpad according to their needs and fill the inkpad by themselves; they may enjoy the handmade creation and choose the colors in a more flexible way. The iron-grey box with the pattern framed with the golden lines presents a simple but stable feeling. The metal box has three sizes, large, medium and small. The cotton cloth of the Inkpad is the general absorptive material, which is exclusive for stamping. The ink does not resist water and the impression is not easy to be smudged. The Inkpad allows the users to feel easy to use seals, stamps, rubber stamps, date samples and so on.

The three sizes of Inkpads are easy to store and carry. The metal box is practical and endurable. When adding the ink, the users may use the brush of an ink dropper to apply ink on the surface of the cotton cloth. As the ink permeates and moistens the cloth, refilling is completed.

Product Introduction

1_ The classic Inkpad provides the self-filling and colorless type, which allows the users to replenish the ink according to their needs.

2_ Liberty ink is recommended for the Inkpad.

3_ The Inkpad with the cotton-cloth surface makes a clear and fast-drying impression.
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