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Liberty  MS Bright Color Ink Paste

Liberty MS Bright Color Ink Paste

NT$ 70

Product Description

As one of the high-class inkpad Liberty, the Inkpad is packaged with a classic plastic black box. By turning off the lid, the users can use the inkpad immediately. The oil-based ink is suitable for the stamps of various materials. It follows the orthodox way of production and presents the delicate texture; the impression is bright, red and lasting. The ink with high oil content is not easy to generate the ink crumbs or to hurt the stamps. The soft and flexible cloth pad will not be sunken or deformed after long usage and can ink the stamp evenly.

For the needs of different corporations, schools, government institutes and families, 6 sizes of the Inkpad are launched; their diameters are 36, 33, 42, 55, 70 and 80 respectively. The users can purchase the Inkpad according to their needs. The Inkpad is not only a great helper in an office but also a must-have supply for receiving and sending mails in a family. It is portable and does not take up too much space. The plastic black box is convenient to store while the smooth surface presents a comfortable feeling of touching. The package is also timeless.

Product Introduction

1_ The Inkpad from Liberty has many different sizes.

2_ The color of the print is bright, rich and lasting.

3_ The Inkpad is useful in an office and suitable for receiving and sending mails in a family.

Additional Information:
number external dimension Dimension of worktable surface
25 Ø35.0 x13.0 mm Ø26.0 mm
30 Ø42.0 x15.0 mm Ø33.0 mm
40 Ø52.0 x16.0 mm Ø42.0 mm
50 Ø68.0 x17.0 mm Ø55.0 mm
60 Ø83.0 x21.0 mm Ø70.0 mm
75 Ø93.0 x22.0 mm Ø80.0 mm

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