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Liberty  LM-40 Portable moxa ink paste

Liberty LM-40 Portable moxa ink paste

NT$ 130

Product Description

For the modern people, sealing is required for signing official documents or contracts. The style of sealing lies on the inkpad. Moxa Inkpad uses the first-class moxa as the adsorbent, which is delicately and painstakingly produced by complying with the traditional production method. It not only gives off the pleasant smell but also presents the soft and springy texture. Also, the excellent convergence that prevents the inkpad from generating powers and crumbs presents the even colors and allows the pigments to show the rich and bright luster.

The pigment of the Moxa Inkpad contains rich oil and demonstrates the bright and elegant vermilion through the seals in the paintings or stamps in the documents and contracts. The marking that is clear, lasting, pleasant to see and endurable shows the extraordinary taste of the users. The black plastic round box decorated with the golden patters is not only graceful and elegant but also practical, portable and easy to store.

Product Introduction

1_ The vermilion that is bright, elegant and moist presents the outstanding effect in sealing.

2_ The Moxa Inkpad applying on the seals in paintings, documents or contracts shows the clear marking and lasting luster.

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