Ink Pad/Ink Paste/Refill

Liberty  LM-62 Moxa Ink Paste

Liberty LM-62 Moxa Ink Paste

NT$ 190

Product Description

The Inkpad is made of the first-class moxa ingredients in the traditional and delicate way of production. The luster of the impression is bright, fresh, stable, docile and not easy to fade away even after a long period of time. The oil in the Inkpad can protect a stamp while the fragrance of the wormwoods can prevent an impression from the damaged caused by worms. The users can perfectly present the delicate parts of the impression by inking the stamp evenly prior to use and stamping it upright upon a paper.

The Inkpad following the traditional production presents a texture that is neither hard nor soft. The fibers of the moxa are delicate and prevent the oil from overflowing. Except for letters and documents, the Inkpad is also applicable to stamping the collected authentic works and calligraphy and art works. The red ink increases the luster of the Inkpad. The plastic round green box is like a blackish green jade, which presents a graceful and beautiful texture and matches up with the high-class inkpad. The simple calligraphic characters “Ai Rong Yin Ni” (Moxa Inkpad) makes the product look more fashionable and graceful and transform a office supply from a consumable to a bookish product!

Product Introduction

1_ The Moxa Inkpad following the traditional way of production makes the impression bright and lasting.

2_ The natural wormwood ingredient gives off the light fragrance.

3_ The texture of the Inkpad that is neither hard nor soft presents a wonderful feeling of stamping.

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