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Liberty SI-12 Ballpoint Pen Oil-Based Refill

Liberty SI-12 Ballpoint Pen Oil-Based Refill

NT$ 40

Product Description

Liberty SI-12 Stamp Ink packaged with a small bottle of 12g is suitable for the stamps of different brands. It has three basic colors, red, blue and black. Regardless of name stamp, date stamp, stamp of serial number and business stamp, the Stamp Ink is applicable. It allows these stamps to make bright impressions and keep functioning. The Stamp Ink is an environmental and sustainable supply.

The stamps are widely used among the office clerks. But the clerks cannot but throw the stamps away and reproduce a new one once the ink is run out. Rather than increase the burden to the earth, the general affairs departments are suggested to purchase the extra-value Stamp Ink. A bottle of the Stamp Ink can be used for a long period of time. It is definitely more economical and cost-saving than throwing the stamps away.

Product Introduction

1_ Do not throw away the stamp when the ink is run out. You may continue to use the stamp by replenishing the stamp ink.

2_ The Stamp Ink with high intensity renders color wonderfully; a bottle of 12g can be used for a long a period of time.

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