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Liberty SI-02 Stamp Ink

Liberty SI-02 Stamp Ink

NT$ 90

Product Description

The Liberty Stamp Ink 100% made in Taiwan is packaged with the plastic bottle. The special design of the brush attached to the cap allows the users to refill the inkpad easily and evenly without overflowing the ink or staining their hands. The 55 ml of capacity makes the Stamp Ink economical, cost-effective and environmental. The Ink has black, blue, red and purple for your choices and is suitable for the Liberty inkpads.

The Liberty Stamp Ink complies with the EU’s directive on the restriction of hazardous substances and meets the European international standards. The product strictly following the regulations on the content of the 8 heavy metals is an environmental and earth-friendly office supply.

※Welcome to ask for test reports and discuss about cross-industry cooperation via E-mail.

Product Introduction

1_The design of the brush attached to the bottle cap allows the inkpad to absorb the ink easily and evenly.

2_Are you interested in collecting postmarks?
SI-02 Stamp Ink is required ink refill for an inkpad, applying to all kinds of seals and pattern stamps.

3_Without smearing the hands, the product can be used in stamping all kinds of important documents.

4_SI-02 Stamp Ink can be used to refill multiple types of Liberty inkpads for contracts, quotation, ballots, etc.

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