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Liberty LM-63 Roll-on Bright Color Red Ink

Liberty LM-63 Roll-on Bright Color Red Ink

NT$ 80

Product Description

The Liberty LM-63 Roller Ball Bright Color Red Printing Ink that is completely made in Taiwan complies with the EU’s restriction of the use of hazardous substance. It is applicable to Liberty Bright Color Inkpad, portable inkpads and inkpads for official seals. Through the replenishing ink, a box of inkpad can be used for longer time. The product shows the kindness to the earth and aims to facilitate a virtuous circle!

The special design of the roller ball controls the ink flow properly. It can replenish every corner of an inkpad with sufficient red ink without staining the users’ hands. The 35ml plastic bottle of the ink with extra capacity but no extra charge is the best choice for the purchase department of an organization, school or corporation!

Product Introduction

1_ The design of the roller ball is convenient to replenish the inkpad.

2_ The oil-based ink renders bright color; the impression dries fast and lasts for longer time.

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