Liberty LB-7 Mechanical Ballpoint Pen

Liberty LB-7 Mechanical Ballpoint Pen

NT$ 15

Product Description

A ballpoint pen is an indispensable tool in our daily life. It is present from document correspondence, memos, records, appointment reminders, etc. Although it seems insignificant in life, it cannot be ignored. A ballpoint pen at a reasonable price, able to be written smoothly and feeling good in hand facilitates life more.

The top requirement of a good ballpoint pen is that it should release ink fluently and be written smoothly. The refill of Liberty LB-7 Mechanical Ballpoint Pen is in the most adequate 0.7mm thick. It is durable. Its pen point won’t be broken easily. With the anti-friction round ball, the pen can be written more fluently. The oil-based ink comes out evenly. The pen can be written smoothly. The ink color is bright and strongly light resistant. The ink dries quickly and won’t change its color after being preserved for a long time. The barrel is in adequate thickness, feeling comfortable in hand. It is suitable for hands of various sizes. The refill comes out from the pen point quickly and conveniently after the user presses the pen. The user can write easily and effortlessly.

The handy and durable Liberty LB-7 Mechanical Ballpoint Pen is especially suitable for volume purchase by companies, facilities and groups. It is the most economical.

Product Introduction

1._ The refill is 0.7mm thick, in the most adequate thickness. With oil-based ink, the pen can be written easily and smoothly. It dries fast without fading.

2._ The pen is in simple and neat style. The barrel comes in four colors, blue, white, red, and black. With a pen clip, the pen is convenient to be carried around.

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