Zebra C-BA37-ZA Piccolo Round Ball Pen Point Ballpoint Pen

Zebra C-BA37-ZA Piccolo Round Ball Pen Point Ballpoint Pen

NT$ 10

Product Description

A stationery fan would know that a ballpoint pen developed for a long time can become different! Piccolo Ballpoint Pen 0.7mm is in oil-based dye. Coming in three commonly used basic colors, red, blue and black, it generates calm and warm colors. The writing looks clear without penetrating to the back of the paper. Besides, it is waterproof. Its barrel is in the same color as ink. The plain and simple look is the most suitable for students. Many office workers who lose pens often love the product’s plain and neat style. Among all kinds of colorful barrels, Piccolo outstands itself for its low profile appearance. It is eye-catching whoever holds it in his (her) hand.
Those practicing pen writing calligraphy would know that when they often use a black Sharpie to practice writing, the writing would look thicker and thicker with less and less powerful strokes. In Piccolo ballpoint pen 0.7mm has the most suitable thickness to show the strokes and strength of pen writing calligraphy. Try it if you don’t believe it!

Product Introduction

1_ The 0.7mm thickness is the most suitable for those practicing pen writing calligraphy. The user would present his (her) writing with neat and clean strength.

2_ The commonly used three basic colors red, blue and black are enough for homework writing, note taking and report doing!

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