DONG-A TS01 TwinLiner Soft Double-Head Soft Color Highlighter

DONG-A TS01 TwinLiner Soft Double-Head Soft Color Highlighter

NT$ 20

Product Description

Are you a fan of coloring or doodling in the planner? The more you doodle, the more delicate you draw and the more exquisite the color variations are. You then need Dong-A TS-01 Twinliner Soft Highlighter’s help.

The Twinliner Soft Highlighter comes in 12 colors, yellow, orange, vermilion, red, pink, purple, sky blue, verdant, gray blue, emerald green, light gray and golden. The soft colors shows tempting fluorescent quality. They are gentle but with personality. The highlighter definitely gives a crucial touch to the drawing. The best part is its double-headed design. One is a bullet pen point suitable for exquisite details. The other is chisel pen point suitable for coloring large area and coloring in straight lines. One pen can satisfy your multiple needs for coloring, doodling and highlighting during studying.

Product Introduction

1_The Twinliner Soft Highlighter makes notes and doodling more colorful.

2_It is a great colorful tool for fans of coloring. One color gives two effects: a bullet point for drawing details and a chisel point for coloring large area.

Additional Information:



Gemstone green




Light gray



Pale green

Sky blue

Gray blue

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