Zebra RYYS17 EZ Whiteboard Marker Refill

Zebra RYYS17 EZ Whiteboard Marker Refill

NT$ 35

Product Description

A whiteboard pen is a heavyweight consumable in an office, meeting room or classroom. It is so troublesome for a teacher, lecturer or manager that they awkwardly run out of the ink of a whiteboard pen and cannot write the key points on a whiteboard but leave the students to figure out the process of calculating by themselves. The large consumption of the whiteboard pen also troubles the staff of the general affairs department a lot since they constantly feel guilty after throwing away the dry whiteboard pens whose tip and barrel are intact! Now, ZEBRA launches the refill for the alcoholic-ink whiteboard pen. The refill is easy to change while the ink is sufficient. Most importantly, the alcoholic ink is not only bright and fast-drying but also environmental and free from the pungent odor. Even using it in an air-conditioning room will not make people feel uncomfortable or cough!

Product Introduction

1_  It is easy to change the refill of the whiteboard pen.

2_ Identify the refill that is exclusively for medium words prior to replacing the refill.