SchneiderRefill station Maxx 660 Highlighter Ink Refill

SchneiderRefill station Maxx 660 Highlighter Ink Refill

NT$ 180

Product Description

Today when caring the earth has become an important issue, the refill for the fluorescent marker is also launched. The Schneider Refill station Maxx 660 Fluorescent Marker 100 percent made in Germany in original package uses the alcoholic ink, which has red, pink, orange, yellow, blue and green colors. After running out of the ink, you can purchase the supplementary ink and continue to use the barrel. It is environmental and practical!

The supplementary inkbottle uses the mouth that can absorb the ink automatically. The tip of the fluorescent maker will absorb the ink by itself when you put the tip of the marker into the bottle mouth. You can refill the marker without squeezing or turning the bottle up-side-down. It that will not stain your hands is laborsaving and convenient.

Product Introduction

1_ The magic design of the supplementary alcoholic ink of the fluorescent marker which can absorb the ink automatically is easy to operate and laborsaving.

2_ With the supplementary ink, your favorite fluorescent marker can accompany you longer.

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