Non-Staple/Design Clips

Max- HK-15MINI MINI Non-Stapler

Max- HK-15MINI MINI Non-Stapler

NT$ 40

Product Description

With the size of only 78.31*25mm, the Mini Non-Stapler is pocket and light! The non-staple clips for the Mini Non-Stapler can be used repetitively while the Non-Stapler with the environmental and sweet design will not hurt your hand. The plastic coating is smooth and comfortable to hold. You can easily fix the papers by simply inserting the mouth of the Non-Stapler into the papers and pushing. The Non-Staple which can bind 15 sheets of papers at once can be applied on binding the official documents or students’ final reports.

The design of the Non-Stapler based on the human factors makes the Non-Stapler easy to hold, press and push. The Non-Stapler with the impressive effects saves your energy and gets twofold results with half the effort. Its size is suitable for a female’s hand and makes the Non-Stapler portable. The attached ring allows the users to pick the non-stapler easily or fix the Non-Stapler at the ID badge or the side straps of a bag. The fashionable colors of the Non-Stapler including pink, azure and light green make the office table more fun. It is very simple to refill the Non-Stapler. You can open the top lid and put the clips in. It can accommodate 4 clips in total and makes document organization become easy.

Product Introduction

1_There are pink, azure and light green colors in total.

2_You can refill the Non-Stapler with metallic clips by opening the lid.

3_The Non-Stapler is light and easy to hold. It with a ring is also portable.