Children’s Scissors

Westcott NO.13594 School Blunt Lefty Scissors

Westcott NO.13594 School Blunt Lefty Scissors

NT$ 35

Product Description

The Safe Scissor is designed particularly for the left-hander children. Its soft handle that is treated with the stain-resistant and dustproof coating can protect children’s hands. It not only is easy to apply force but also makes the users feel safe in terms of health and protection. Except for the design for the left-hander, the Scissor features its hand protection most! The blade in the moderate thickness is applicable to any color papers or art crafts. The blade point which is designed with the rounding shape complies with the safety regulations and enables the children to learn happily.

Since the Scissor is exclusively for the children, the length of the blade is moderately designed to save efforts in cutting. The Scissor can also facilitate the children’s eye-hand coordination and concentration. Its bright colors including blue, green, yellow and red stimulate the children’s optic nerves while the handle smooth to hold and not easy to slip down suits the hand shape of the children and lessens the burdens on their fingers. The Scissor is comfortable to hold and easy to apply force.

Product Introduction

1_ The safe scissor designed particularly for the left-hander children is easy to hold and apply force.

2_ The blade with the moderate thickness will not hurt the users’ hands.

3_  The handle smooth to hold suits the children’s hand shape.

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