Children’s Scissors

Westcott NO.1441 Animal Scissors

Westcott NO.1441 Animal Scissors

NT$ 120

Product Description

The Westcott Animal-Styled Scissor designed particularly for the children to make crafts is equipped with the round-tip, flat-angle blades, which prevent the children from being cut by the sharp blades. The Scissor is so safe that the parents do not need to worry about it.

In terms of the style, the Scissor is delicately designed with the lovely animals that are well-liked among the children. With the creative imagination, the Scissor enhances the characteristics of these animals in a cartoonish way. For example, the round-tip blades are designed into the long nose of an elephant or the long neck of a giraffe. By using the animals’ special fur patterns, the Scissor also integrates itself with a running zebra, a smiling tiger and lion and a monkey that hangs on a tree and stretches its hands to grape a banana. The lovely animals and the style of the scissor are combined so well that there are remarkably like the true. They look like an exclusive zoo for the children and make the craft creation more interesting!

Product Introduction

1_ The design of the round-top and flat-angle safe blades assures the parents.

2_ The long nose of an elephant and long neck of a giraffe are smartly integrated into the style of a scissor.

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