Westcott No.15546 Chop-Chop Scissors

Westcott No.15546 Chop-Chop Scissors

NT$ 120

Product Description

For the sickness, babies, toddlers, and the elderly with difficulty swallowing food, a pair of specialized scissors to processing and cutting food into smaller pieces is needed. Made of anti-bacterial stainless steel imported from US, Westcott No.15546 Safety Food Scissors are 3.5 inches large. Convenient for users, the product can fully solve the problem for the elderly and babies having difficulty swallowing large pieces of food. It cuts the food into smaller pieces and make it easier for swallowing.
The handle of Westcott No.15546 is made of anti-bacterial materials imported from the US. It can permanently inhibit bacterial growth effectively. Protecting the health of the users starts from the tools.
Design: The blades are made of thickened and hardened stainless steel and sharpened in round head. The flat angle safety blade is a user-friendly design. It makes the scissors safe and not able to hurt the user’s hand easily. The product is suitable for both adults and children.
Cleaning: The user can dissemble the scissors easily and clean and dry them. After using the scissors, the user can put them back to the safety storage case to prevent the scissors from being polluted again.

PS: Children shall use the scissors under adults’ supervision.

Product Introduction

1_The scissors with round head and flat angle safety blade are user-friendly and safe. The scissors won’t hurt the user’s hand easily and are able to process general ingredients without difficulties.

2_As one of the US patented titanium products, the scissors can cut food easily and be carried around conveniently. Able to be dissembled, the scissors can be dissembled, assembled, and cleaned easily instead of accumulating dirt.

3_3.5 inches large or about 89mm large, the scissors contain stainless steel blade in safety round head. Not able to hurt the hand easily, the scissors are suitable for users taking care of babies and the elderly. The handle of the scissors is made of anti-bacterial materials. The scissors can be dissembled, cleaned and dried conveniently, effectively inhibiting bacterial growth and generation of odors.

4_The product contains a safety storage case. After cleaning the scissors, the user can put them back to the protection case. Not able to get polluted easily, safety and health are guaranteed.

Additional Information:

Packaged in blister card.

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