Westcott No.16670 Ergo Jr. Blunt Scissors, Assorted Colors

Westcott No.16670 Ergo Jr. Blunt Scissors, Assorted Colors

NT$ 120

Product Description

With the emphasis on children’s safety today, we equally care about children’s tools. Noticing the concern, Westcott designs scissors especially for children No.16670 Ergonomic Blunt Tip Kid’s Scissors. Reducing the pressure of the wrist by 50% and saving efforts by 40% with the patented spring, the scissors are suitable for general paper.

The blade is made of stainless steel while the tip is blunt and round, preventing children from stabbing themselves. The thick blade prevents the user from cutting his (her) hands. The handle is made of ABS and TPR plastics. About 5 inches large, the scissors are suitable for children between 4 and 6. Children can learn how to use scissors effectively at home.

Product Introduction

1_The wrist posture of a kid holding a pair of common scissors. Because of the design of the scissors’ handle by Westcott, the user feels pressure free in his (her) wrist. The scissors are user-friendly and safe, saving efforts by 40%. Most important of all, the user can feel safe using the scissors.

2_The user can hold  and use the ergonomic scissors easily and safely. The round tip and thick blade are harmless to hands. The scissors keep the wrist pressure free. The user can  cut things and control the scissors without pressure. The scissors are comfortable and feel good in hand. The scissors are safe because the tip is blunt and round.

3_In blister card packaging, the scissors in 5 inches large are ergonomic, suitable for children between 4 and 6. Designed by American Association of Ergonomics, the scissors improve children’s wrist posture and strength. The user can use the scissors more easily, saving efforts by 40%.

Additional Information:
No.16670 Blue 5 inches
No.16670 Pink 5 inches
No.16670 Green 5 inches

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