Children’s Scissors

Westcott No.16671 Ergonomic Kid's Scissors Sharpt Pointed

Westcott No.16671 Ergonomic Kid's Scissors Sharpt Pointed

NT$ 120

Product Description

Common scissors do not fit children enough. Besides, the handle is too big for them. The design of Wescott’s kid’s scissors saves the effort of the user by 40%. The user will feel pressure free in their wrist. In addition, the scissors are user-friendly and safe. Westcott pays attention to safety in particular. Parents can feel safe to use the scissors.

With blades made of stainless steel, the scissors are very durable. The greatest characteristic of the scissors is that they won’t cut the hands easily. The tip and this blade meet the safety regulations of ergonomic kid’s scissors. Coming in three colors, blue, pink and green, the scissors contain handles made of ABS+TPR plastics. The scissors are made of eco-friendly and toxic free materials. Their quality is strictly controlled. Suitable for both right-handers and left-handers, the scissors help children develop fine-motor hand functions so that they can learn how to use scissors safely.

Product Introduction

1_The ergonomic scissors are user-friendly and feel good in hand. The pointed tip and thick blade are harmless to hands. The user won’t feel pressure in his (her) wrist. The scissors are easy to control, comfortable, safe and feel good in hand.

2_In blister card packaging, the scissors in 5 inches large are ergonomic, suitable for children between 4 and 6. Designed by American Association of Ergonomics, the scissors improve children’s wrist posture and strength. The user can use the scissors more easily, saving efforts by 50%.

Additional Information:
No.16671 Blue 5 inches
No.16671 Pink 5 inches
No.16671 Green 5 inches

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