Westcott 42516 Value Kids Scissors, Blunt

Westcott 42516 Value Kids Scissors, Blunt

NT$ 30

Product Description

Cutting and pasting is the easiest way for children to express their creativity. However, they might easily been cut and hurt if they use scissors without being aware of the danger. Therefore, it is very important to have a pair of good scissors.

Westcott scissors is the best-seller in the US. 42516 Safety Scissors for Kids are exclusively designed for children over 4 years old. With round blades and flat angle safety cutting edge, the blades are made of stainless steel. The scissors won’t hurt the user easily. Besides, the product meets safety examination regulations. Children can learn happily under a safe condition.

The safety scissors for kids have tough PP grip. It is comfortable and durable, suitable for both left and right handers. Just 5 inches large, the scissors are of the right size for children for general paper cutting purpose.

Product Introduction

1_The safety scissors for both left and right handers are specifically designed for children. 5 inches large, the scissors can be held and used easily. The product comes in four colors, yellow, green, blue and pink.
Warnings and Notice:
●Children under 3 are forbidden to use the scissors.
●The blade and tip are dangerous. Please be especially careful when using the scissors
●Please don’t use the scissors to cut any hard objects.
●Avoid cutting objects exceeding the structural load.
●Please don’t use the scissors if the blades are broken, damaged, or distorted.
●To avoid breaking the scissors, prevent the scissors from falling on the ground or over crashing.
●The function might be affected if the plastic part is smeared with oil or chemicals and is not cleaned for a long time.
●Keep the scissors away from children after using them.

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