Westcott No.14371 Antibacterial Double-Color Protractor for Children

Westcott No.14371 Antibacterial Double-Color Protractor for Children

NT$ 70

Product Description

In science education, besides rulers, a protractor is also one of the required tools. Famous US brand Westcott takes more than 70% of the commercial, office and children market in the US. It is the top brand and the best selling in the cutting and measuring stationery market in the US.
The American Federation of Teachers also recommends Westcott as a learning tool. No.14271 Antibacterial Double-Color Protractor for Children not only meets SGS but is also processed by Microban®, able to effectively oppress the breeding of bacteria and growth of odor permanently. The precise protractor contains a “second hand,” able to familiarize children with the concepts of angles and correct using methods. It is a great tool for basic learning at kindergarten and elementary school.
Don’t lose at the starting point. What are you waiting for? Please prepare the product for your children!

Product Introduction

1_The ruler and protractor contains a “second hand.” It is convenient for the user to draw engineering drawings, diagrams, outlines, and frames at will.

2_The protractor is very practical and precise in terms of drawing. The user can draw the correct angle by moving the middle indicator to the intended angle.

3_No.14371 Protractor can serve as a compass and a protractor. The user can also use it to draw general straight lines rapidly.

4_No.14371, wrapped in a tag, comes in five colors (green pink/blue/blue green/orange blue/yellow pink) for consumers to choose from. It is light and practical.

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