Westcott NO.14559  Protractor and Compass

Westcott NO.14559 Protractor and Compass

NT$ 65

Product Description

For the needs in doing the math homework or the artistic crafts, Liberty sweetly launches the combination of measure + protractor +compass that serves multiple purposes! Made of the environmental materials, the measure and the protractor in a portable size is comfortable to hold and will not cut the users’ fingers. The scales on the two sides of the measure are convenient to measure the length of an object and draw a line; the semicircle protractor allows the users to mark precisely rather than slantingly. They are the must-have tools for the students in a classroom.

The maximum diameter of the precise Compass with the obtuse-angle and safe foot is 6 centimeters while the small scale for marking the millimeter allows the user to draw different sizes of circles. The Compass is easy to apply force; the attached pencil can also be replaced by the users themselves. The product has four elegant colors for your options, pink, blue, purple and grey, which is suitable for the students to do their assignments. The 3-Piece Stationery Set can solve the needs in studying at a time.

Product Introduction

1_  The Compass with a maximum diameter of 6 centimeters is convenient to operate and easy to apply force.

2_ The precise Compass uses the obtuse-angle and safe foot and is equipped with a pencil.

3_ The Liberty-Westcott Stationery Set has wonderful quality and good reputation.

4_ The Compass with the small millimeter scale allows the users to do the delicate works.

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