Monami NPF-001 Oil-Based Fine Marker

Monami NPF-001 Oil-Based Fine Marker

NT$ 15

Product Description

Do you have various kinds of tools and properties to mark? NPF-001 Oil-Based Fine Marker is your best partner! For office workers in particular, they need to save files in a CD every time they close a case. They need to write down the name and time of the case and the name of the one in charge of the case to get the work done. However, to write down so much information on the limited surface of a CD and to keep the words lasting long after constant picking up and down, the user would need an NPF-001 Oil-Based Fine Marker’s help.
The secret of NPF-001 Oil-Based Fine Marker lies in its excellent quality oil-based ink. It dries quickly and is waterproof. Able to be used in all kinds of solid surface, it is strongly adhesive without getting blurred easily. The oil-based ink comes in three commonly used colors, red, blue and black. The colors are bright, saturated and clear. With the fine 1mm round point pen point, the user can write clearly and delicately. No matter how long the case name and how much information the coding is, the user would not be afraid of getting the words blurred and unidentifiable.

Product Introduction

1_Writing with a 1mm fine round point pen point would be clear and identifiable without getting blurred.

2_The excellent quality oil-based ink is bright and colorful. With the three commonly used colors, red, blue and black, the mark will be clear and identifiable.

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