Monami MP-25 Side Press Mechanical Pencil

Monami MP-25 Side Press Mechanical Pencil

NT$ 30

Product Description

A mechanical pencil is a must-have writing tool in every student’s pencil box. The smart design of the Side-Press Mechanical Pencil allows you to remain the writing posture of hand and press out the lead quietly with the thumb or index finger (based on personal habit) rather than hold up the thumb to press the bottom. The easiness and convenience quickly win over the young students’ hearts. Tell you a secret: you do not have to buy additional 2B pencil for examinations since the HB lead can be replaced by a 2B lead.

The Side-Press Mechanical Pencil provides 6 youthful colors, including black, blue, red, green, orange, purple and others. The clip, side-press bottom and holder on the transparent barrel are particularly stressed. It is more comfortable to write with the pencil through which the features of the design are highlighted.

Product Introduction

1_You can press out the lead by holding the pen and pressing the side bottom without stopping writing.

2_6 colors bloom at the clip, side-press bottom and holder of the mechanical pencil.

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