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Liberty LTP-T Premium Two-Color Ink Pad

Liberty LTP-T Premium Two-Color Ink Pad

NT$ 150

Product Description

The plastic box of the Inkpad with the metal lid is light. Except for stamping the official documents, the Inkpad is also suitable for the stamp lovers to collect the impressions of every scenic spot stamp and choose different colors according to their needs. The ink of the product complies with the regulations of RoHS; it is environmental, nontoxic and nonhazardous while the impression is fast-drying and not easy to be smudged.

The product has red-blue combination and red-purple combination. The function of two colors is convenient and efficient; it can satisfy all stamping needs of various documents. The classic box design may conjure up the memory of over 60 years. The Inkpad uses general absorptive paper-made clothe for pressing and its impression does not resist water. The production of the Inkpad is delicate, practical and endurable. The cloth surface is not easy to be sunken but maintains at the best status even after many times of pressing. With the Liberty exclusive ink, the stamping effects will be doubled!

Product Introduction

1_The two-color inkpad allows the user to choose different colors according to their needs.

2_The Liberty classic and popular product has a classical and sharp box design.

3_The two-color function is convenient is efficient.

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