Zebra WKT7 MILDLINER Double-Headed Soft Highlighter

Zebra WKT7 MILDLINER Double-Headed Soft Highlighter

NT$ 40

Product Description

Who says a highlighter can be used to highlight key points? Zebra WKT7 MILDLINER Double-Head Soft Highlighter specifically designed for planners cannot only be used to highlight key points, but can also be used to doodle, decorate the planner and handmade crafts. It is a must-buy for those enjoy doing so.

The product comes in four sets of hues, including Japanese style colors, soft colors, cold colors and compatible colors. There are up to 20 colors. Each of them is soft and elegant. This is an alternative choice for users who do not light fluorescent colors. Although the colors are light, the user can still see the mark clearly. His (Her) eyes won’t feel tired easily. The product helps the user focus more. The pastel color pen cap with white barrel looks neat and in good quality. The ink color is soft and beautiful without piercing thee paper. It looks beautiful when used for coloring.

Product Introduction

1._Five Japanese style colors: gray blue, magenta, golden, vermilion, brown.

2._Five soft colors: pink, yellow, orange, blue, blue green.

3._Five cold colors: green, dark blue, gray, purple, red.

4._Five compatible colors: coral pink, peach orange, lemon yellow, sky blue, dark gray.

5._With up to 20 colors, the pen is practical and beautiful for highlighting and coloring.

6._MILDLINER Double-Sided Soft Highlighter (Mild Sunny Sky Limited) 10-Color Set show mild colors for drawing and note-taking.
The product gently protects your eyes. Come and collect the exclusive cute pen holders in pink (cute), blue green (joyful), orange (playful), etc. in limited edition.

 Additional Information:Highlighter
Product Name Product Code Barrrel/Refill Color Bar Code Suggested Retail Price
Double-Headed Soft Highlighter WKT7-MBG Blue Green 4901861 400720 NT$40/pen
WKT7-MOR Orange 4901861 401796 NT$40/pen
WKT7-MP Pink 4901861 401772 NT$40/pen
WKT7-MY Yellow 4901861 401758 NT$40/pen
WKT7-MBL Blue 4901861 401727 NT$40/pen
WKT7-MR Red 4901861 401734 NT$40/pen
WKT7-MGR Gray 4901861 400713 NT$40/pen
WKT7-MMZ Magenta 4901861 501755 NT$40/pen
WKT7-MG Green 4901861 401741 NT$40/pen
WKT7-MDB Dark Blue 4901861 400799 NT$40/pen
WKT7-MSB Gray Blue 4901861 501724 NT$40/pen
WKT7-ME Brown 4901861 501762 NT$40/pen
WKT7-MVI Purple 4901861 401789 NT$40/pen
WKT7-MVE Vermeil 4901861 501793 NT$40/pen
WKT7-MGO Golden 4901861 501786 NT$40/pen
WKT7-MCYA Sky Blue 4901861 580422 NT$40/pen
WKT7-MCOP Coral Pink 4901861 580477 NT$40/pen
WKT7-MAP Peach 4901861 580491 NT$40/pen
WKT7-MDGR Dark Gray 4901861 580415 NT$40/pen
WKT7-MLY Lemon Yellow 4901861 580453 NT$40/pen
WKT7-MSG Summer Green 4901681580408 NT$40/pen
WKT7-MMGO Chrysanthemum 4901681102242 NT$40/pen
WKT7-MCG Orange Green 4901681102259 NT$40/pen
WKT7-MLV Lavender 4901681580484 NT$40/pen
WKT7-MFU Hot Pink 4901681102266 NT$40/pen
WKT7-MSOB WKT7-MSOB  Soda Blue 4901681489404 NT$40/pen
WKT7-MOL WKT7-MOL  Olive 4901681489411 NT$40/pen
WKT7-MLL WKT7-MLL  Lilac Purple 4901681489442 NT$40/pen
WKT7-MSY WKT7-MSY  Smoothie Yellow 4901681489428 NT$40/pen
WKT7-MDP WKT7-MDP  Dark Pink 4901681489480 NT$40/pen
WKT7-MBP WKT7-MBP  Baby Pink 4901681489435 NT$40/pen
WKT7-MCR WKT7-MCR  Butter Yellow 4901681489497 NT$40/pen
WKT7-MCGR WKT7-MCGR  Cold Gray 4901681489466 NT$40/pen
WKT7-MHOR WKT7-MHOR  Honey Orange 4901681489459 NT$40/pen
WKT7-MBE WKT7-MBE  Camel 4901681489473 NT$40/pen

Mulitple Color Set
Product Name Product Code Barrrel/Refill Color Bar Code Suggested Retail Price
Highlighter 3-color sett WKT7-3C Pink, yellow, blue green 4901861 416509 NT$120
Highlighter 5-color set WKT7-5C Pink, yellow, orange, blue, blue green 4901861 416608 NT$200
Highlighter NC 5-color set WKT7-5C-NC Green, dark blue, gray, purple, red 4901861 416707 NT$200
Highlighter RC 5-color set WKT7-5C-RC Gray blue, magenta, golden, veremeil, brown 4901861 416721 NT$200
Highlighter N 5-color set WKT7- N-5C Lemon yellow, peach, coral pink, sky blue, dark gray 4901861 581009 NT$200
Highlighter 25 colors/set WKT7-25C 25 colors/set 4901681704200 NT$1000
Highlighter HC Sunny 5-Color Set WKT7-5C-HC 5 colors/set 4901681581023 NT$200
Highlighter NTC Natural Five Colors Set WKT7-5C-NTC WKT7-5C-NTC  Natural Colors 4901681491940 NT$200
Highlighter YC Gentle Five Colors Set WKT7-5C-YC WKT7-5C-YC  Gentle Colors 4901681491933 NT$200

10-color set
Product Name Product Number Barrel/Refill Color Barcode Suggested Retail Price
MILDLINER Double-Sided Soft Highlighter
(Mild Sunny Sky Limited)10-color set
WKT7-BOX-BL Sunny Sky+ Pastel Color+ Blue Case 4711093336476 NT$400/Bag
WKT7-BOX-P Sunny Sky+ Pastel Color+ Pink Case 4711093336483
WKT7-BOX-Y Sunny Sky+ Pastel Color+ Yellow Case 4711093336490
WKT7-BOX-OR Sunny Sky+ Pastel Color+ Orange Case 4711093336506
WKT7-BOX-BG Sunny Sky+ Pastel Color+ Blue Green Case 4711093336513


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