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Liberty CC-864 Erasable Color Pencil 12 Colors

Liberty CC-864 Erasable Color Pencil 12 Colors

NT$ 140

Product Description

CC-864 12 Color Erasable Color Pencil, the latest product released by Liberty has classic hexagonal barrel. It feels comfortable in hands and won’t fall off from the desk easily even when placed casually. The clean and neat barrel and foil stamping, the pen looks in better quality. The Erasable Color Pencil, having the characteristics of previous color pencils, can easily presents delicate lines with its sharpened pen tip. The colors are bright and saturated. The product comes in two packages, 12 colors and 24 colors for consumers to choose from. With the transparent blue case, the user can clearly see all the colors (s)he wants.

Different from common color pencils, the Erasable Color Pencil is erasable. The user cannot only revise his(her) drawing, but also use the pencil to highlight key points during studying or practice math and for other different purposes. With both the advantages of color pencils and pencils, the user can easily erase the strokes by using ordinary erasers. It is convenient to write with the color pencils. Besides, the user can change colors according to his(her) needs and moods. The product is particularly suitable for users at school and working on accounting. The user can erase and correct by marking. Just erase and use.

Product Introduction

1._The Erasable Color Pencil contains an eraser at the end of the pencil. The user without an eraser at hands can easily use the pencil.

2._The hexagonal barrel with foil stamping looks spectacular and elegant.

3._With CC-864 Erasable Color Pencil 12 Colors, the user can easily meet his (her) needs using pencils of various colors at will.

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