Zebra  Pic Knock Mechanical Ballpoint Pen

Zebra Pic Knock Mechanical Ballpoint Pen

NT$ 15

Product Description

Jiang Yan, a writer in Southern Dynasties, produced numerous remarkable works in his life and was famous for his brilliant literary skills because he had a “five-color pen.” In his late years, he dreamed that an immortal Guo Pu asked him to return the pen. Since then, his literary talent had been at an ebb. He no longer produced any masterpiece. However, we live in modern times without legends of immortals. No immortal would give us a five-color pen in our dream. Yet we can choose Pic Knock Mechanical Ballpoint Pen 0.7mm to mobilize our literary inspiration with the extremely smooth and fluent writing. Our inspiration would flow out endlessly like clear springs.

The seemingly simple and plain pen is actually ergonomic. The user can hold the pen and write with it easily without feeling tired. The writing is smooth and fluent with adequate ink color. Each stroke looks clear and neat. The user would fall in love with handwriting from then on and become a 100% “writing lover.”

Product Introduction

1_The ergonomic barrel is easy to be held and used effortlessly.

2_The pen comes in red, blue and black. The user will be addicted and won’t feel like putting it down because it is extremely smooth.

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