Westcott No.15655 Zebra Scissors

Westcott No.15655 Zebra Scissors

NT$ 80

Product Description

American top brand Westcott is a leader of trends. Its products are unique. The colors and design lead the trends of the times. The unique product design of the American brand makes the commonest scissors a different look and totally different feeling. Westcott hopes the consumer enjoy the products they produce. Each type of scissors is exquisitely designed, attracting the consumer at the first sight.
No.15655 Zebra Scissors contain durable stainless alloy steel blades with exclusive non-adhesive coating, preventing stain residue and adhesion of tapes. The user can even easily cut thick carton with the scissors. It is very suitable for users at home and office. The scissors contains 8-inch long straight handles with unique zebra curves. Besides, the scissors are suitable for both right-handers and left-handers.

Product Introduction

1_The unique zebra patterns on the scissors look very eye-catching. The scissors catch children’s attention once they are released.

2_With non-adhesive coating on the blade, the scissors prevent residue of stains. The user can cut things easily and effortlessly. No tape will leave on the blades either.

3_Made of titanium plated stainless metal, the scissors are lasting and durable. The scissor are suitable to cut tape, aluminum foil, cloth, paper, carton, laminated paper, photos, etc. They are one of the indispensable tools in the stationery box.

4_The scissors feel good in hand. The user can cut things easily and safely. The curvy handle is ergonomic. The product is suitable for users at home and office.

5_The 8-inch type is in tip point made of stainless metal. Please identify the standard product by the Westcott logo on the blade.

Additional Information:No.15655

8-inch size

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