Liberty SR-C035 Mechanical Eraser

Liberty SR-C035 Mechanical Eraser

NT$ 45

Product Description

Erasers of all kinds of shapes and colors in the market have the same weakness. After erasing, it produces a pile of eraser shavings. It is difficult to clean up all the shavings, but also ruins the user’s mood for writing. Liberty understands your feelings.
SR-C035 Mechanical Eraser, made in Japan, has a barrel made of polypropylene. Without plasticizer affecting hormones (phthalates), the product passes CNS6856 standard examination, CE BN71-3, and R36770 by Bureau of Standards, Metrology, and Inspection, M.O.E.A. It is safe, toxic-free and eco-friendly. Improving traditional erasers, this product is in transparent pen shape. The user can see how much eraser is used.
The slim mechanical eraser and refill are shaped like pencils. It is convenient to store the product. The transparent barrel able to be used repetitively manifests its quality with the white plastic eraser. The refill is in round shape, with 3.8mm in diameter. It is soft and won’t be broken easily. Just press the pen clip downward to release the eraser. When it needs refilling, open the pen clip to put in SR-C035R refill for replacement. It is easy and simple.
The Mechanical Eraser is definitely the top choice for students or office workers requiring a large amount of writing on a daily basis.

Product Introduction

1_The non-PVC and toxic-free plastic eraser passes CNS national standards and R36770 examination. The transparent barrel and white plastic eraser manifest the quality of the product. The user can feel more assured using it.

2_The product is one of the indispensably important stationery in a pencil bag. It is also convenient to store the mechanical eraser and the refills.

3_Easy to erase sketches, drawing, and writing, it is a new eco-friendly product.

4._Just press the pen clip downward to release the eraser. It is easy and simple.
(With the transparent barrel, the user can see clearly how much eraser is used.)

5_Open the pen clip to put in SR-C035R refill for replacement.
(Please use SR-C035R Mechanical Eraser Refill Pack for refills.)

Additional Information:

SR-C035 Mechanical Eraser in OPP bag package.

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