Liberty SR-C035R Mechanical Eraser Refill Pack

Liberty SR-C035R Mechanical Eraser Refill Pack

NT$ 30

Product Description

It is great today to choose refillable erasers because it is eco-friendly and safe. SR-C035R Refill is for SR-C035 Mechanical Eraser. 100% made in Japan, it is PCV-free, safe, toxic free and eco-friendly. Certified by CNS6856 and CE BN71-3, the product is also certified by R36770, Bureau of Standards, Metrology, and Inspection, M.O.E.A.
SR-C035R Refill is in round shape, with 3.8mm in diameter. It is soft and won’t be broken easily. One pack contains three refills for replacement. It goes with SR-C035 Mechanical Eraser.
SR-C035R Refill is user-friendly, eco-friendly, toxic free and safe. Such a great product, you should definitely own one!

Product Introduction

1_Just press the pen clip downward to release the eraser. It is easy and simple.
(With the transparent barrel, the user can see clearly how much eraser is used.)

2._Open the pen clip to put in SR-C035R refill for replacement.
(Please use SR-C035R Mechanical Eraser Refill Pack for refills.)

3_The product is one of the indispensably important stationery in a pencil bag. It is also convenient to store the mechanical eraser and the refills.

Additional Information:

SR-C035R Mechanical Eraser Refill in OPP bag package. (3 refills a pack)

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