Monami CTB Color Twin Brush

Monami CTB Color Twin Brush

NT$ 60

Product Description

Monami CTB Color Twin Brush is able to present each stroke in styles and bright colors. It is great to sketch, draw, paint, doodle, write in English and Chinese with the pen. The product comes in three color systems, flower, forest and sea for 18 different colors. You can use the pen freely without difficulties.

Color Twin Brush contains double-head water-based ink. The pointed nib presents two different widths. Write with greater force and use the thick brush to draw thick lines and write calligraphy. The user can use the thin brush to draw delicate lines. Besides, you can control the direction of the brush to create lines in different thicknesses and variation of color depth. You can also mix colors to create water color effect. Apply one of the brush to another one to mix colors, and you can see beautiful color gradient like water color.

Advanced method: You can also mix colors on a palette or plastic film to blend beautiful gradient colors and paint on canvas freely. Turn the ink into beautiful background and express yourself with Monami Color Twin Brush.
Don’t hesitate to try all kinds of colors. Use the brush in different thicknesses boldly and create different effects.

Product Introduction

1_Because Color Twin Brush can present different kinds of lines at will, it is suitable for doodling, painting and showing one’s characteristic signature. No matter in Chinese or English, the user can easily create fonts of his (her) own style easily with simple techniques.

2_The 18 colors of Color Twin Brush are rich and diverse. These gentle colors are colorful and lasting. With double-head design, the user can draw strokes in different thicknesses freely.

3_Now doodling and hand drawing are quite trendy. With Color Twin Brush, the user can write his (her) blessing on a celebration card and postcard, create an artwork, draw outlines, wash colors, and draw lines. It enriches the user’s work. Each stroke is filled with the fun of writing.


Additional Information:


CTB-OR Orange

CTB-P Pink

CTB-BP BabyPink

CTB-PO PaleOrange

CTB-Y Yellow



CTB-BK Black

CTB-BN Brown

CTB-OE Olive

CTB-PG PeacockGreen

CTB-G Green

CTB-LG LightGreen




CTB-V Violet


CTB-BC BlueCeleste

CTB-SB SkyBlue

CTB-MG MintGreen



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