Zebra K-0.7 Ballpoint Pen Refill

Zebra K-0.7 Ballpoint Pen Refill

NT$ 15

Product Description

Japan Zebra Stationery releases barrels with replaceable refills for consumers to assemble a multi-purpose pen the most practical for them on their own. The maximal diameter of Zebra K-0.7 Ballpoint Pen Refill is 3.0x98.0mm. Weighing only 0.7g, the refill is applicable for Prefill Refill Replacing Pen Three-Color and Four-Color Barrels. The refill comes in four colors for consumers to choose from—black, red, blue and green.

Of course, the user does not need to purchase a barrel again after the refill is running out of ink. It not only saves some money but is convenient to replace colors and combinations. The product manifests functionality and good design.

Pens applicable for the refill: BAZ-49 Transformed Mechanical Ballpoint Pen

Product Introduction

K-0.7 Refill/ Color Product No. Barcode Pens applicable for RK-0.7 Ballpoint Pen Refill
●Black BR-6A-K-BK 4901681282210 BAZ-49  Transformed Mechanical Ballpoint Pen
Blue BR-6A-K-BL 4901681282227
Red BR-6A-K-R 4901681282135
Green BIK7-G 4901681282142

Additional Information:

■Size: Maximal Diameter: 3.0x98.0mm ■Weight: 0.7g