Zebra H-0.7  Refill

Zebra H-0.7 Refill

NT$ 20

Product Description

Attention, users requiring quick writing. They don’t need to worry about smearing paper during writing. The maximal diameter of H-0.7 Ballpoint Pen Refill is 3.0x139mm. It weighs about 1.0g. With low-viscosity and quick-dry oil-based ink, the user can write particularly smoothly and fluently. Besides, it does not get stained easily. The refill comes in three colors, blue, red and black. The 0.7mm refill is in adequate thickness. It is highly practical for daily writing and is very convenient for users. The product is suitable for users writing massively and for many users at the same time. When the refill is used up, instead of buying another barrel, the user only needs to buy ballpoint pen refills directly. Able to be combined and replaced anytime, the refill is both functional and eco-friendly.

Pens applicable for the refill: BN1 Tapi Mechanical Ballpoint Pen, BN5 Tapli Clip Mechanical Ballpoint Pen, Z-1 New Oil-Based Ballpoint Pen

Product Introduction

H-0.7 Refill/ Color Product No. Barcode Pens Applicable for the Refill
●Black BIH7- BK 4901681292110 BN1 Tapi Mechanical Ballpoint Pen
BN5 Tapli Clip Mechanical Ballpoint Pen
Z-1 New Oil-Based Ballpoint Pen
Blue BIH7- BL 4901681292127
Red BIH7- R 4901681292134


■尺寸:最大徑3.0×139.0mm ■重量:1.0g