Zebra UK-0.7 Ballpoint Pen Refill

Zebra UK-0.7 Ballpoint Pen Refill

NT$ 25

Product Description

If you write massively every day, using UK-0.7 Ballpoint Pen Refill can save you or your company some money! After the refill is used up, you don’t need to purchase the barrel again. Just buy the ballpoint pen refill for replacement anytime. It is both functional and eco-friendly. The maximal diameter of UK-0.7 Ballpoint Pen Refill is 3.0x98.2mm. Weighing only 0.8g, the refill is applicable for Zebra Three-Color Ballpoint Pen. It comes in three colors, black, red, and blue.

Pens applicable for the refill: B3AZ15 ZX3C Three-Color Ballpoint Pen, ZX3C 0.7 Ballpoint Pen

Product Introduction

UK-0.7 Refill/ Color Product No. Barcode Pens Applicable for the Refill
●Black RUK7-BK 4901681462032 B3AZ15 ZX3C Three-Color Ballpoint Pen
ZX3C 0.7 Ballpoint Pen
Blue RUK7-BL 4901681462018
Red RUK7-R 4901681462025

Additional Information:

■Size: Maximal Diameter 3.0x98.2mm ■Weight: 0.8g