DONG-A DGA-001 Clayon 6-color set

DONG-A DGA-001 Clayon 6-color set

NT$ 320

Product Description

Mold the clay into the shape you like with your hand or tools. Have it fully dried at a dark place for 24 hours. My god. Unbelievable! A magical crayon is done!
The product can be molded easily. It does not deteriorate soon and can be cleaned up easily. Besides, it passes the test by ST Safety Toy and Taiwan Center for R&D and Testing for Commodities. Made of safe and toxic free materials, the product can be used without worries.
Made in Korea, DGA-001 Clayon is soft, highly ductile and does not get hands dirty. The product can be molded easily and can be cleaned up easily. A pack contains six colors (50g/bag), white, black, red, yellow, green and blue. These rich colors can be used independently or mixed and matched to create more colors and enrich the work. After the work is completed, instead of baking it, air dry it at room temperature for 24 hours. After it is dried, it can be used as a crayon.
Clayon contains a lot of colors (able to be mixed). It can be molded easily without getting the hands dirty. Besides, it is safe and toxic free. Therefore, it is suitable for users of all ages.
Would you like to own such a magical and fun? Just stand up and buy one. Bulk purchase by schools and groups will be offered with discounts.
Please put the clayon in the zipper bag after it is opened to prevent it from getting dried and hard.

Product Introduction

1_Clayon can be molded and dried and turned into a crayon.

2_Clayon is highly ductile. The user can mix different colors and create different shapes at will. The work is done after fully dried for 24 hours. 3. A crayon is done.
Instructions: 1. Mix and make! 2. Get the work fully dried for 24 hours

3_The 6-color set contains white, black, red, yellow, green and blue. 50g/bag

Additional Information:

DGA-001 Clayon 6-color set

●The product is not suitable for children under 3. Please make sure children use the product under the parents’ supervision.
●Please don’t put the product into the mouth to prevent swallowing it accidentally.
●Please wash your hands after using the product.
●The product dissolves in water. Please keep it away from water/sweat to prevent the product from getting dirty.
●Please store the product inaccessible to children.
●Please store the dried and undried clay separately.
●Please use the product as soon as possible when the pack is opened. After the clay is dried, it will not be able to resume to the original state.

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