Liberty SR-C036 Stone Eraser

Liberty SR-C036 Stone Eraser

NT$ 270

Product Description

Subverting traditional black and white square erasers, Liberty releases Wish Stone Erasers!
The size and shape of the stone, as well as its low-profile and elegant Morandi colors overthrows people’s imagination for creative erasers. Not just erasers, they can also be an artwork!
Associating the Stone Eraser with the beautiful Qixingtan in Taiwan, we can turn the product into one of the exhibits at home. Instead of picking the stones at Qixingtan home, let’s protect the scenic area and the environment.
Non-PVC, safe, toxic-free, and anti-bacterial, the eraser does not contain any hormone-disrupting plasticizer and is certified by CNS6856. Made in Taiwan!
Welcome to check out the product at Liberty Product Exhibition Center Taoyuan Liberty Culture Creative Hall, and Liberty Online Shopping Mall.

Product Introduction

1_These stones at the beach are of various sizes and exquisite shapes, but interestingly, they are real erasers.

2_Of course you should take pictures of these photogenic Stone Erasers and have fun stacking stones everywhere!

3_You might as well catch up with the stone stacking trend in Hualien. Upload some funny and interesting photos and tag #Liberty on Facebook!

4_We can spend a relaxing afternoon with Stone Erasers. When you need to fix your doodling, the stone immediately turns from an ornament into a practical eraser!

5_Non-PVC, safe, toxic-free and anti-bacterial, the eraser does not contain any hormone-disrupting plasticizer!
Certified by CNS6856, this is really a safe and special stone eraser.

Additional Information:

Liberty SR-C036 Stone Eraser

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