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Liberty CC-878 Round Barrel Water-Based Paint Color Pencil

Liberty CC-878 Round Barrel Water-Based Paint Color Pencil

NT$ 140

Product Description

Environmental issues are closely related to our daily lives. It's not just about using reusable cups, paper straws, and eco-friendly bags, even color pencils can be made of sustainable materials!
This is Taiwan's only environmentally-friendly water-based paint color pencil, which has obtained an exclusive patent. Its barrel uses "water-based paint" eco-friendly coating, adhering to the principles of environmental protection, safety, antibacterial, and non-toxicity. It strictly controls the quality for consumers and has passed SGS testing. Both adults and children can have the best quality of use!
This time, the barrel is round, and there is a clever idea on the packaging. It replaces the previous iron box with a plastic PP box, making it more convenient for children to carry. Hurry up and get one now!

Product Introduction

1._Its barrel is coated with eco-friendly “water-based paint” and passes SGS testing. Liberty controls the quality strictly for consumers.

2._Available in both 12-color and 24-color packs with lightweight PP packaging, the product is more convenient for you to carry around!

3._Unlike traditional oil-based paint, the “water-based paint” used for the pencil barrel looks softer, warmer, and more durable.

4._The product has antibacterial treatment on the surface, making it suitable for both personal use and gifting.

6._ The round barrel design provides vibrant and saturated colors, making coloring effortless and easy!

Download the SGS testing results. For related details, please refer to the link.

Additional Information:

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