Drink Cup Sticker

Liberty Thermal Sticker(Cup Sticker)

Liberty Thermal Sticker(Cup Sticker)

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Product Description

People in Taiwan love drinking handmade beverages in summer and office workers enjoy drinking hot coffee. Everyone knows that the hot and cold beverages to go will be attached with a sticker printed with the contents of the beverage. However, do you know that this sticker is thermal paper, which often uses BPA for its developer. BPA is a toxic chemical substance, an EDC as often mentioned by media. If you get in touch with BPA frequently, your hormones will be disrupted, influencing reproduction and growth.

Knowing people in Taiwan love handmade beverages and hot coffee, Liberty produces the thermal sticker 25x40mm commonly used by beverage stores. To guarantee everyone’s health, Liberty insists passing the inspection by Bureau of Standards, Metrology, and Inspection, M.O.E.A.—BPA free so that the clerks at the beverage store and consumers will not get in touch with BPA accidentally.

Product Introduction

1_ Liberty insists protecting everyone’s health by producing BPA-free thermal stickers.

2_ Liberty Thermal Sticker will be firmly attached without falling no matter it is on a cold drink in summer or hot drink in winter.