Drink Cup Sticker

Liberty Thermal Sticker(Cup Sticker)

Liberty Thermal Sticker(Cup Sticker)

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Product Description

Do you order beverage delivery with your colleagues? Because of climate anomaly caused by global warming, the temperature in summer in Taiwan is high almost every day. Handmade drinks have become a little happiness for office workers. However, it is a drudgery to distribute the drinks and make collections. The undertaker has to check the stickers on the cups and the original menu to prevent giving the wrong drink to the wrong person.

Liberty Thermal Stickers comes in various sizes, applicable for disposable cups of all sizes. Although the sticker is attached to the surface of the cup without getting in touch with the hands and mouth, Liberty still insist producing stickers passing the inspection by Bureau of Standards, Metrology, and Inspection, M.O.E.A.—BPA free!

BPA is a toxic chemical substance, an EDC and a common developer for thermal paper. If you get in touch with BPA frequently, your hormones will be disrupted, influencing reproduction and growth. To be safe, it is better to select thermal stickers without BPA!

Product Introduction

1_ A thermal sticker is a necessity for labeling products!

2_ On a sweltering summer day, each cup of iced drink is attached with a thermal sticker marked clearly the name of the drink so that no matter how many customers there are, nothing would go wrong!

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