Corporate Vision

Based on Integrity.Pursuing Sustainable Management

Liberty Stationery Corp., originally Pai Tai Industrial Co., Ltd., was established by Wang, Song-Chen in 1954 as a production division that later began manufacturing and marketing "Liberty" brand and OEM products around the world. The product line evolved from stencil paper, ink, carbon paper, non-carbon paper, stamp pads and paste, and printing water to pencils, watercolors, crayons, oil pastels, advertising pigments, ballpoint pens, sign pens, permanent markers, whiteboard pens, colored pens, roller ball pens, erasers, staples, report paper, fax paper, inkjet paper, printing ink, printing materials, and printing equipment.

In response to market needs, Liberty and affiliates also import well-known Japanese and Korean stationery products, as well as stationery brands from Thailand, the U.S., and Germany.

Through years of development, Liberty has become one of the top stationery brands for Taiwanese citizens. In 1962, Chairman Wang, Song-Chen was selected as an honorable manager and was received by Vice President Chen. Liberty and its products have been highly recognized and granted such awards as the 1st Top Ten Outstanding Entrepreneurs, Golden Trademark, Top Brand, Outstanding Brand Manager, Top Enterprise, Top Stationery, Gold Signature, and 2006 Superbrands Taiwan.

With the support of our distributors and affiliates, our products have been consistently popular with our customers. Liberty will continue to contribute to Taiwan’s stationery market with the corporate vision of credit and accountability.


Akiteru Kadota

With Stable and Pioneering Operations, Liberty Accompanies You as You Grow!

Founded in 1948, Liberty has faced various challenges and difficulties and has ultimately grown stronger thanks to the support of all its colleagues.

In the traditional stationery industry, Liberty’s insistence on credit and accountability has been highly recognized. Furthermore, Liberty continues to develop various products that have been improved and better meet market needs.

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, Liberty has launched environmentally friendly stationery by maximizing the benefits of limited resources. Liberty has a zeal for and insists on respecting nature and protecting the Earth.

As the president of Liberty, I am constantly encouraging my colleagues to facilitate operations and improve customer satisfaction more attentively in order to achieve a win-win situation.

“Liberty Accompanies You as You Grow” is not only a slogan, but also an unshakable fact that we take pride in.

Liberty truly thanks all those who allow Liberty to accompany them in their growth and become their most trusted choice in stationery products.


Hou, Chen-Yu