Liberty LF-001OP Mr. Monda’s Popcorn

Bringing along "Mr. Monda" for a fun outing together! Don't think that the chairman only sits in the conference room for meetings. Chairman Monda is kind and friendly. With the popcorn, you can go to the movies, have picnics, and go on outings together! Caramel Rose Salt: Sweet with a hint of mild saltiness, it is satisfying without overwhelming the palate! Caramel Milk: With rich milky goodness meeting intense caramel, it offers you a dreamy sweetness! Caramel Chocolate: Velvety chocolate flavor paired with caramel aroma, it is hard to resist eating one after another! Weight: 150g per canister Shop now at: Three alluring popcorn flavors plunge your taste buds into the depths of blissful delight.


Liberty LY-7101MA Head Massager

Let the Head Massager remove your fatigueness all day. As a full-range scalp massager, the product relieve the fatigueness all day. Fit to the scalp well, the product contains four wheels to massage your head. You can hold the anti-slippery ring with one hand. Able to be used wet and dry, the massager can be disassembled and cleaned. It is totally waterproof so you can use it without worries. Besides, the product is automatically turned off in ten minutes, preventing the user from leaving the massager on for a long time.


Liberty LY-6030VC Foldable Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

You don’t have to take out the heavy vacuum cleaner! Liberty LY-6030VC Foldable Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, charged wirelessly, can be used more conveniently and be taken to anywhere you like. No matter car floor mats, gaps between seats, crumbs, or scraps of eraser rubbings, you can use this Foldable Handheld Vacuum Cleaner to clean them away. Low noise, 5000PA strong power, and wireless, the product is convenient to be used at home and outdoors. The vacuum cleaner is attached with an additional brush so that the user can clean all corners.


Liberty LB-3308MP Lightweight Mouse Pad

The ultralight mouse pad helps you work more easily and effortlessly. Covered with jersey fabric, the mouse pad is suitable for all kinds of mice. It is smart, accurate and smooth. With anti-slippery material on the back, the mouse pad won’t move easily. The user can use it more effortlessly. Lightweight, the mouse pad is soft, elastic, and exquisite. Without taking too much space, it can be easily rolled up and put away.


Liberty LY-3123FA Triangular Hanging Camping Fan

Are you worried about being too hot to sleep when going out or going camping? Here comes the savior. This Triangular Hanging Camping Fan can be hand held, placed on a tripod, or hung up. In various ways, you can deal with all kinds of conditions when going out. With an LED light on the surface, you can have fun without worries at night. The light is in three levels of brightness. It can be in bright light, or dim night light. Turn the net clockwise, and you can dissemble the fan and have it cleaned easily. In four levels of wind speeds, the fan lasts 7 hours when fully charged. Besides, it is noise free, lightweight and easily portable.


Liberty LY-3121FA Air Conditioning Neck Fan

Going out on a sizzling summer day, you will definitely need this Air Conditioning Neck Fan. It is so lightweight that you won’t feel uncomfortable or burdened on your neck. Going out with this fan in summer is an absolute enjoyment. With a soft tube, you can bend the location and angle of the vent. You can enjoy a cool breeze on a hot day. Also useful in winter, the fan gives both cool and warm air. It is perfectly practical. In a headphone shape, the fan looks cute and retro. It goes well with your outfit.


Liberty LY-2898CA 12-bit Calculator

The Calculator has a curvy frame, contrast colors and round buttons. With a 12 bits and large number display, the user can do calculation effortlessly. Powered by both solar energy and batteries, the calculator is fully charged all the time.


Liberty LY-2018CL Simple Single Bell Alarm Clock

In a simple design and macaron colors, the alarm clock is lightweight and small but complete. This alarm clock can be a necessity at home. At night, the user can turn on the night light so that (s)he can see the time clearly. With a noise-free caliber, the clock is quiet and keeps the user sleeping well. The clock will definitely wake the user up because its bell is loud and clear, keeping you energetic early in the morning.


Liberty YA-010 Stamp Pad Coin Purse

Is it a stamp pad or a coin purse? Everyone must be familiar with the blue and white color product. It has been one of the most common stationery since we were little. Now it becomes a coin purse! In a moderate size and made of lightweight materials, the product is just right as a coin purse or a key pouch when you are going out. All the odds and ends in the bag can be neatly organized. Stamp Pad Coin Purses come in three most classic colors. The zipper runs smoothly, and the opening is large enough. The user can grab the coins easily. With a wide bottom and in a moderate size, this product is absolutely practical!


Liberty LY-3119FA Multi-Functional Clip-on Retractable Fan

Under such severe epidemic situation and when the weather gradually turns humid and hot in summer, do you feel restless and disturbed? Instead of going out, what else can ease your mind and provide cool and comfortable breeze for you? Liberty Multi-Functional Clip-on Retractable Fan, made of aluminum alloy, can be clipped onto the table freely without falling off easily. Its bottom is anti-skid. The fan is able to oscillate horizontally for up to 60 degrees. Long press the back button for 3 seconds, and the signal light turns blue. The fan can be folded and turned in 180 degrees vertically freely. The user can adjust its angle according to his (her) needs. Wind speed: The fan has three levels of wind speeds (2.2-3. 8±0.5m/s). It is powerful and noiseless. Besides, the fan can retract to 545mm in maximum. Its detachable net can be cleaned up conveniently without leaving any stain. Charged by USB, the fan can be used for up to 2-7 hours when it is fully charged. Battery capacity: 2000mAh (18650 BSMI certified lithium battery). The product is safe and reliable.


Liberty LY-S23W Compact Fluorescent Lightbulb

Only 23 watts, the simple spiral lightbulb is low power and electricity consumption. It is energy saving and economical. In comparison with a general traditional lightbulb, the product only consumes one-fifth of electricity, saving more than 80% of electricity. Its caloric value is lower than one fifth, lightening the burden of electricity consumption by the air conditioners in summer. Besides, it does not feel hot. Every family member can use it without worries. The average service life of the lightbulb is up to 6000 hours. It is energy and electricity saving. The user does not have to waste a lot of time replacing the lightbulb frequently. High color rendering, the product presents colors truthfully and gently. It comes in two types, white and yellow light. The yellow light makes the room cozy while the white light presents a sophisticated atmosphere. With precise circuit, the lightbulb gives stable light without glaring and flickering. Relieving the burden of the eyes, the product is energy and electricity saving and durable! Certified by national safety examination, the product is a good helper at home and office. Leave a warm light for your family.


Liberty Angel 50th Anniversary Special Edition (Lightweight Insulated Bottle)

Celebrating the 50th anniversary, Liberty Angel accompanies everyone in different times. On the special occasion, the 50th Anniversary Special Edition (Lightweight Insulated Bottle) is released in two colors, lavender and pink. It is a must-have for Liberty fans. With baking finish, the lightweight bottle is bright and smooth. Both its lid and layer are free from sweat. With the capacity of 200ml and 57mm (width)x154mm (height), the bottle is of the right size in hand. The product is for both adults and children and for both cold and hot drinks. Small and lightweight, it is convenient to be carried around. Able to be put in a car cup holder, the product is practical and beautiful, suitable to be used at home, outdoors, and at office. With a 4.6cm wide mouth opening makes ice filling and cleaning easy and convenient. Besides, its silicone sealing ring is made of food grade high strength silicone, heat proof and liquid leakage proof. Its safety is highly assured. With double-wall stainless steel and vacuum insulation, the bottle keeps both cold and hot. Made of SUS304 food grade stainless steel, the product is certified by SGS and national certification standards. Its quality is highly assured. The user can use it without worries. The product has been insured NT$20 million product liability insurance.


Liberty KUSO Mug

Liberty KUSO series now releases a new kid product, with mottos full of negative energy printed on the mug. For example, “Wherever you fall down, just…lie down there.” These “kuso” sentences make one’s life more colorful! Made of high-temperature ceramics, the mug is in large dimension 7.8cm wide and 10cm high, with 420cc capacity. It is suitable for both cold and hot drinks. Under normal use, the mug has no specific expiration date. Made in Taiwan, the mug is of excellent quality, certified by SGS. Have a KUSO Mug, an excellent reflection of your body and mind with all its heart! Welcome to check out the product at Liberty Product Exhibition Center Taoyuan Liberty Culture Creative Hall, and Liberty Online Shopping Mall. The product is sold exclusively.


Liberty LY-023 Card Reader (ATM)

A must-have during the tax season! With this product, it is easy to file tax returns and pay tax online! The whole new elevation angle chip card reader in two colors, black and white, is different from general flat card readers. Made of ABS, it contains 60cm long wire. It is compatible with chips of various brands (Labor Protection Card, chip combo cards, etc.) The product is compatible with Win7/Win8/Win8.1/Win 10, MACOS X v10.10 and later versions. Its insert slot is guaranteed for plugging in and out for more than 100,000 times. Only 42g, the product is lightweight and handy. It is most convenient that the product requires no driver installation. To ensure the product’s service life, please do not dissemble the body of the product at will or touch the inner parts. Please prevent the product from being crashed, falling, or folding and other improper ways of using the product!


Liberty LY-3110FA Popsicle Automatic Oscillating Fan

It is cool and comfortable to hold a popsicle in hand. The fan oscillates to wherever you like. LY-3110FA Popsicle Automatic Oscillating Fan is the best spokesperson in summer. The product comes in three colors, gray, green and black, for the consumer to choose from. The product is user-friendly: It can be held in hand like a popsicle. Also, it can be placed on a table with a standing base (Please hook the base up with the charging cable before using the product). The angle of the standing fan is adjustable. It can be folded to 180 degrees in maximum. Weighing 326g, it is small, convenient and easy to be carried around. It is easy to operate the fan with the three-level wind power button. When the product is hooked up with the power cable, the base can automatically oscillate horizontally in 60 degrees. Charged by a USB Type-C wire, the product can be recharged easily anywhere anytime. With a safety protection mechanism, when the product is being recharged, (the indicator light is flickering). When it is fully charged, (the indicator light stays on). The service time after the product is fully charged is up to 3-6 hours. All the consumers give positive feedback after using LY-3110FA Popsicle Automatic Oscillating Fan! The product has been insured with product liability insurance. Please feel safe to use the product.


Liberty LY-3113FA LED Camera Portable Neck Fan

Lightweight and setting both hands free, Liberty LY-3113FA LED Camera Portable Neck Fan is only 116x76x31mm and weighing only 143g, convenient to be carried around. Its battery capacity is 2000mAh (18650 lithium battery). After fully charged, the product can be used for up to 3-7 hours. Its special upward wind is specifically for neck fan users. Besides, the product is equipped with an adjustable stand so that the user can place it on the table. With three levels of wind power, the fan satisfies the user for different occasions. With a built-in LED night light, the product can also be used as a light. Recharged by a USB wire, the product can be recharged anywhere anytime. Its BSMI certified battery is super endurable, convenient and electricity saving. The product comes in two colors, white and pink, for the consumers to choose from. The product is attached with an adjustable lanyard. Instructions: 1. Please don’t direct the light at the eyes to keep you and others safe. 2. Please keep the fan away from your face in a certain distance to prevent the hair from being entangled in the fan. 3. In normal condition, when the white light is flashing, it means the battery is low. The fan needs recharging.


Liberty LY-8002ZA Rechargeable Mosquito Swatter

Is it hard to choose from so many brands of swatters in the market? You might not feel it handy. Liberty LY-8002ZA Rechargeable Mosquito Swatter, with so many advantages, you will not feel like putting it down. With its unique handle type long button, the user can use the swatter effortlessly. It is convenient to press and use with its hidden switch. Its standing and removable base contains a charger and space to place the swatter vertically. It saves space and looks good. The product contains three levels for the user switch from bug zapper mode to swatter mode. With 3000V super high voltage (Killing Blow), the swatter is so powerful that it can kill mosquitos and bugs easily. Safety Design: With three layers of net, the swatter is safe and does not cause electric shock easily. It will release electricity automatically without leaving electricity. Attached with 6 ultra-violet lights, the product can attract and kill mosquitos at night. Powered by a lithium battery, the product is equipped with a power indicating light. The user can see the remaining power clearly. When the product is fully charged, the indicating light is on. The product stops being recharged. With overcharge protection, the product won’t be overcharged. Its service life will be extended. Suitable for indoors and outdoors, the product comes in two colors for the consumer to choose from, macaron green and macaron blue. *The product has been insured with product liability insurance. The user can use it without worries.*


Liberty LY-3117FA Neck Sling Transforming Double-Head Fan

If one fan is not enough, two fans are definitely powerful enough! Neck Sling Mini Handheld USB Foldable Double-Head Fan is very lightweight, only 175g. The exclusive double-head powerful fan is a must-have in such a hot summer. The fan is transformable. It is convenient for storage without taking too much space. The user can hang it on the neck when going out and use it anywhere anytime. It is convenient to be carried around. With 2000mAh large capacity battery, the product can be used for up to 2 to 6 hours after being fully charged. Long press the power button to turn on the fan. The fan can be placed on the table as a standing fan. Its lithium battery passes BSMI. It is safe and highly assured. *The product has been insured with product liability insurance. The user can use it without worries.*


Liberty LY-3109FA Remote Control 8-Inch Folding and Standing Handheld Fan Set

“Buy a big one and get a small one free.” Buy LY-3109FA Remote Control 8-Inch Folding Fan and get 3.5-Inch Standing Handheld Fan free. Small, beautiful, edgy and durable, the product is popular among consumers! The Fan oscillates automatically (120 degrees in maximum), with (four levels of wind speed)1-4 (natural wind). The base contains multi-functional buttons (upper button: oscillating; middle: time setting; lower button: power/wind speed). Charged by USB wire (the user can have the fan charged anywhere anytime), the fan is powered by a 4000mAh (18650 lithium battery). When fully charged, the fan can work for 4.5 to 10 hours. Size: 210 x 160 x 310mm (8 inches); weight: 600 g. It is lightweight. The net is removable. It is convenient to have it cleaned up. In the age with high electricity bill, having a folding fan is energy saving and cool.


Liberty LY-8401 Multi-Functional Electric Cooker

The product is a must-have for the singles and lazy people. Multi-Functional Electric Cooker is able to pan-fry, stew, stir-fry and steam food well. The singles are able to cook three meals a day with the cooker. On a rush morning, the user can still have hot food with the specialized stainless steel steamer. Sleeping in on the weekends, the user can have a great lunch. Heating up a bowl of fried rice with the ceramic inner pot is quick and safe. Then, cook soup with the inner pot in the portion for one. It is just right. During cooking, the cooker will go power off for safety’s sake when overheated. It is convenient and quick. For dinner, the user can have a feast at home. The inner pot can be used to fry steak. The pot can be cleaned easily without getting sticky. With the cooker, it is no problem to cook seafood. The user can enjoy every moment happily. It is also super convenient to have instant noodles for a night snack. The cooker is suitable for pan-frying, steaming, stewing and stir-frying. This cooker serves heavenly feast in the simplest way.


Liberty LY-W01 Anti-bacterial Anti-mite Detergent Packet

Do you have trouble choosing what detergent to wash clothes? Liberty LY-W01 Anti-bacterial Anti-mite Detergent Packet comes in two kinds of packaging, bag and box. The packets come in three flavors:1. Versailles in Summer (red); 2. Warm Lavender (purple); 3. Fragrant Fruit (Green). With active condensed formula, the detergent breaks down stains deep in the bottom layer of the fibers without harming the fabrics and color. The product protects clothes with double care. Anti-bacterial and anti-mite, the detergent is made of natural persimmon extract from Japan. It eliminates odor and produces fragrance of cleanness. Containing effective anti-bacterial formula, the clothes won’t smell musty when dried indoors. Highly biodegradable, the detergent does not leave residue. The clothes feel clean, soft and comfortable after washed by the detergent. It is suitable for children’s clothes and delicate fabrics and convenient at home and in travel. Made in patented fragrance maintaining techniques, the detergent keeps the clothes fragrant for a long time. ※Considerate design: The outer layer of the packet contains bitters, preventing children or the elderly from eating it by mistake.


GEGEI F9 Desktop Fan

For families used to use a large electric fan, GEGEI Desktop Fan. Powered by 4000mAh lithium battery and recharged by a USB wire, the fan contains a battery able to work for a long time. Weighing only 600g, it is not as heavy as a common standing fan. Wind power: Noise free soft wind. The user can adjust the wind power freely. With the unique automatic fan oscillation, the user can switch the wind power by turning the button. Please understand that because the fan is bulky, it can only be shipped under home delivery.


Liberty LY-N8 Intelligent Sensor Sterilizer

With innovative technology, subversion of the tradition, modern design, and exquisite quality, Liberty LY-N8 Intelligent Sensor Sterilizer eliminates bacteria and prevents germs in state-of-the-art technology. Composed of 75% alcohol, its sterilization rate is up to 99%. For sterilization at home, the product prevents cross infection and keeps virus away from your families. It takes 2.5 hours to have the product recharged. With a Type-C port, the product can be recharged faster. There are three colors, gray, purple and green for consumers to choose from. Small and light, the product is only the size of a thermos bottle. Intelligent Sensor Sprayer is suitable for all kinds of spaces. To wash hands with a traditional press hand sanitizer, the user would still get germs on his (her) hands. This product keeps the user away from traditional hand washing trouble. In state-of-the-art technology, Liberty LY-N8 Intelligent Sensor Sterilizer can be operated without contact easily and conveniently. Highly volatile, it is safer.


Liberty WR-002EX High-speed USB Round Extension Cord

To fulfill the needs for all kinds of electric appliances, Liberty releases WR-002EX High-Speed USB 360 Degree Round Extension Cord. Containing five sockets and three USB ports, the product is different from traditional extension cords, easily limited by different sizes of plugs because some of the sockets might be blocked by large plugs The round extension cord can be placed on the ground or table stably without falling down. It prevents the danger of electric shock and short circuit caused by loosening plugs. Besides, the round extension cord has enough number of USB ports. It is convenient and efficient to plug in and recharging your device. The three-hole sockets can be used in maximum. Its automatically shut sockets prevent electric shock and dust. The cord contains a press main switch (with a power indicator light). When the cord is plugged, the power indicator light would light up. After the cord is used, the light goes off. It is a good helper for saving energy. The L-shape 3P plug is safe and flat, able to save space. The rated current of WR-002EX High-Speed 360 Degree Round Extension Cord: 15A; Rated power: 1.650W. Made of PC fireproof plastic, the cord is not flammable easily. With overload automatic power-off design, the user can use the cord more safely. Wrapped with VCTF2.0mm high power materials, the cord passes new version of safety certification by Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection, M.O.E.A. Its safety is more assured. The consumer can use the product more safely without worries.


Liberty LY-8001ZA Japanese Style Lithium Battery Rechargeable Mosquito Swatter

When summer approaches, more and more mosquitos and bugs appear. You would definitely need a mosquito swatter in your daily life. In early period of time, most swatters were powered by two C size batteries. It is easy to acquire the batteries, but they need to be replaced frequently. It is not eco-friendly. Besides, battery leakage would damage the machine. It is not powerful enough to kill the mosquitos and bugs either. Liberty Japanese Style Lithium Battery Rechargeable Mosquito Swatter is in simple and elegant white ABS case. With three layers of nets, the user won’t get electricity shock easily, and the mosquitos and bugs cannot escape easily either. With automatic electricity releasing function, electricity won’t remain in the swatter. The best part is that the swatter is powered by rechargeable lithium batteries. Its overcharge protection avoids overcharging and extends the service life of the swatter. When the swatter is fully charged, the indicator light will stay lit, and the swatter will stop being charged. Besides, its power indicator light clearly shows how much electricity is left. Also, the swatter contains an LED light. The user can press the switch and use it without turning on the light at night. It is more convenient for the users. The user can directly place the swatter in the stand. Without taking too much space, the swatter is easy for storage. Get the swatter quickly, and you won’t be bothered by mosquitos and bugs this summer. Japanese Style Lithium Battery Rechargeable Mosquito Swatter is a must-have in your daily life!


Liberty LB-3307MO Lightweight Mouse Pad

Generally speaking, mouse pads are divided into two types, hard and soft. The hard ones are easy for cleaning. With smooth surface, many kinds of pictures can be printed on them. However, the mouse positioning can easily be moved. The bottom of the mouse pad cannot tightly stick to the table and is slippery easily. The soft ones are made of ultra-exquisite multispandex. The user can use the mouse for a long time comfortably. With powerfully stable grip, soft mouse pads are highly compatible for mouse positioning. However, they are slightly heavier than the hard ones. Liberty releases LB-3307MO Lightweight Mouse Pad, applicable for all kinds of mouse. Its cursor positioning is accurate and can be smoothly operated. Made of high quality exquisite multispandex, the mouse pad feels good in hand. More importantly, its bottom can be stably close to the table without slipping. It is more strongly anti-skid. Feeling good in hand, the mouse pad is applicable for all kinds of tables. It is anti-skid and strongly tenacious. It won’t get distorted even when it is squeezed at will. The surface won’t get blotted with dust easily. The user doesn’t have to clean it often even when using it for a long time. The simple and lightweight professional mouse pad is both convenient and reliable. Liberty LB-3307MO Lightweight Mouse Pad is highly recommended for its durability, practicality and high cost-performance ratio. Notice: No bleaching. No ironing. No drying. Don’t put the product close to fire and water, or it will be damaged. Don’t use a sharp object on the product.


Liberty LB-3306MO Wrist Protecting Pressure Reducing Mouse Pad

All computer users would know that the most frequently used tools for them are keyboard and mouse. They feel wrist pain when switching from keyboard to mouse back and forth. Now what they need is a handy mouse pad to make their work more efficient. Are you still struggling to find a suitable mouse pad? Liberty LB-3306MO Wrist Protecting Pressure Reducing Mouse Pad is applicable for all kinds of mouse. It makes the cursor position accurately and able to be operated smoothly. Made of high quality pressure reducing silicon and delicate fabric, the pad feels more comfortably for the user. Ergonomic, the pad can effectively reduce your joint fatigue and reduce carpal tunnel syndrome. Ergonomically speaking, the moving of the mouse and support of the arm is a slope angle in two sections four dimensionally. A good mouse pad can help the user relieve his (her) pressure in a natural and relaxing posture. Importantly, the bottom of the mouse pad can stably cling to the table. It is strongly anti-skid and feels good in hand. Applicable for all kinds of tables, the mouse pad is anti-skid, highly tenacious and won’t get distorted when squeezed at will. Its surface won’t be stuck with dust easily, reducing the amount of dust generated after the product is used for a long time. The product gives you more excellent using experience. Notice: No bleaching. No ironing. No drying. Don’t place the product close to the fire and water to prevent it from damaged. Don’t touch the product with sharp objects.


Liberty LB-213 Extension Cord

We often see news regarding fire, but do you know what causes the fire? Most of the accidents are caused by accidental discharge of the old, damaged or dirty extension cords at home. Leading to life and property loss, this danger can never be ignored. Therefore, we should definitely replace the old extension cords at home to prevent unnecessary property loss. Liberty recommends a safety reinforced extension cord, LB-213 Extension Cord. Coming in three sizes, 6 feet, 9 feet, and 15 feet, the product is certified by new safety regulations. Made in Taiwan in high quality, the extension cord will automatically shut down when overloaded. Made of heat-resisting and fireproof copper sheet, the extension cord won’t get aging easily. Its electric circuit is in one piece. With 4N oxygen-free wire, double-layered insulated safe wire, fireproof and heat-resisting plastic plug frame, the product meets ROHS in every part. It is trustworthy for consumers. The product is insured with NT$30million product liability insurance.


Liberty WR-001ZA Rechargeable Lithium Mosquito Swatter

Buzz, buzz, buzz. To get rid of the annoying mosquitos, nothing is better than an electric mosquito swatter. We would like to recommend a powerful mosquito killer for you—Liberty WR-001ZA Rechargeable Lithium Mosquito Swatter. It is not only powerful, rechargeable, and powered by lithium batteries, but contains a lot of considerate details. You will definitely love it once you use it! WR-001ZA Rechargeable Lithium Mosquito Swatter is wrapped by simple and elegant ABS plastic. The swatter contains three layers of metal nets with densely lined diamond-shape meshes. Mosquitos and bugs will not escape easily. Just gently press the button to attack mosquitos and bugs. No electricity is left when the user does not press the button. It is perfectly safe. In addition, with the LED light, the user does not need to get up and turn on the light when sleeping at night and can press the button to user the swatter anytime. It is more convenient. With the swatter, the user can have a good night’s sleep. With the 18650 lithium-ion battery and USB transmission wire, the user can recharge the swatter by plugging it to the socket. It is convenient and easy to recharge it anytime. When the power is full, the red light will automatically turn green to remind the user. Besides, the product can discharge itself without power residue to extend the service life of the lithium battery. When the storage capacity of the lithium battery weakens, the user can directly replace it with a new one and continue using the swatter. The swatter comes in two colors, blue and orange for consumers to choose from. With the swatter, the user does not need to worry about being bitten by mosquitos and bugs. It is a necessity at home!


Liberty LB-8024HO Cell Phone Holder for Cars (Rearview Mirror)

Drivers all expect to have a GPS device. However, a good GPS device is at least thousands of dollars. Not everyone can afford it. Therefore, a cell phone everyone has becomes the best helper to solve the problem. Yet a good cell phone requires a well-equipped and convenient protection holder. Liberty releases LB-8024HO Cell Phone Holder for Cars. It is easy to have it installed on the rearview mirror and adjusted in 180 agrees (90 degrees at the front and back respectively) without blocking the vision for GPS. The product satisfies the user’s need in all angles. The inside of the holder is cushioned by soft sponge, preventing wearing out the cell phone and stabilize it. In addition, the user can slide the button on the holder up and down to adjust its size. LB-8024HO Cell Phone Holder for Cars is applicable for cell phones from 4.7 to 6.5 inches. It is convenient and highly stable to have it installed on the rearview mirror without the need to bend the head to look at the cell phone. With an elastic fixture, the user can operate the holder in one hand. It is safer when the driver can use the cell phone with hands free. The user can adjust the rearview mirror in elevated angle. When it is not used, the user can hide it by bending it backwards in 90 degrees, avoiding vision interference. In addition, made of ABS, the Holder is safe and durable. It weighs only 135g. Reminder: If the Holder isn’t used for a long time, please don’t store it at a place at high temperatures, with high humidity, or with direct sun exposure. Otherwise, the Holder will break due to plastic embrittlement.


Liberty LB-7295EA Bluetooth Earphone

More and more smart phones remove earphone ports and use wireless transmission. Accordingly, the demand for wireless Bluetooth earphones is rising. The advantages of wireless Bluetooth earphones include lightweight, without the restriction of the length of the wire, etc. It is very popular in the market of earphones. However, because the price of wireless Bluetooth earphones is higher, the consumers would consider carefully and compare products again and again to find the one suiting him (her) the most before making purchase. Their major concerns can probably be summarized into five points: the look and the feelings of wearing the earphone; audio quality; connecting stability; endurance. How about you? Take Liberty LB-7259EA Powerful Experience Wireless Bluetooth Earphone for example. It comes in three colors, blue, white and black. Its body is made of ABS and weighs only 4.0g. Its speech quality is superb and noise free. Its Bluetooth version is 4.2 version. Its transmission distance is without blind spot, up to 10 meters (under obstacle free circumstances). Importantly, it has high audio quality and stereo effects. It can play continuously for up to 3-4 hours (in maximum volume, it can play for about 3 hours). In addition, the user feels very comfortable wearing it. It is very practical for those watching films and listen to music with their cellphones. Besides, the earphone supports film playing. The user can operate it easily and rapidly. The product has high price-performance ratio.


Liberty LB-4305OT MicroUSB TO TypeC OTG

When the cellphone is connected with the super USB adaptor, it can easily connect to other related device, including a mouse, keyboard, portable disk, card reader, game pad, etc. Type-C 2.0 OTG adaptor turns a cellphone immediately into a computer! Compatible for all Android devices, it can easily help the device to expand storage and transmit data in both ways. It can be used to read the contents of a cellphone directly without the need to transmit the data through a computer. Small and lightweight, the adaptor is convenient to be carried around. It saves the user from the trouble of cable storage. It is practical and fashionable. In one piece, it is made by exquisite technological craftsmanship. Made of compound plastic, it is fireproof and heat durable. The product passes safety examination. The curvy body with metallic colors and black frame, it shows high quality and good taste with its warm texture. Coming in five colors, grey, blue, silver, pink and gold, the product shows one’s personal characteristic.


Liberty LB-3604RE ATM Card Reader

During a tax season, not wanting to go out and get jammed-packed, many people would choose to declare tax online. Able to read Citizen Digital Certificate, IC ATM cards of all major banks, Labor Protection Card, and MOEACA, the card reader can inquire data easily and rapidly. It takes only 3 seconds to confirm the balance of the E-wallet. Supporting Win10, MAC, Lunix, it is plugged and used. Able to read 4G/3G/2G SIM card (requiring to converting into SIM format (1FF)), it supports SIM data editing. The user can feel more assured to backup important information. With LB-3604RE- Multi-Purpose ATM Card Reader, the user can easily transfer money, declare tax, and inquire data!


Liberty LB-1108 Shredder

The Liberty Cross Cut Shredder, with up to 21.8 cm wide entrance, can cut paper into 4.2*3.8mm thin and short pieces for 7 pieces of paper (70 pounds A4 paper) at a time in maximum. It can shred credit cards, keeping confidential well. The case is 10 liters large. The capacity is rather large, but the general volume is quite small without taking too much space. The shredder shreds paper rapidly, up to 300 cm/minute. The user can check the remaining capacity by looking at the transparent oval window on the front conveniently. The life of modern people is filled with bills or confidential office documents. We would feel worried if we just throw them away, being afraid that our personal information will be stolen by fraud groups or people of concerned. A shredder able to destroy the confidential documents is indeed necessary. The shredder consuming low electricity, is very eco-friendly. It will automatically shut down when its lid is lifted. It is really safe.


Liberty LB-7310EA On-Ear Headphone

German philosopher Nietzsche once said, “Without music, life will be a mistake.” Music spices up life, adding more wonderful elements to our life. For music lovers, Liberty LB-7310EA Bluetooth Headphone is the good friend of your ears. The light headphone fulfills the basic requirements for high quality sounds and being comfortable. Bluetooth V4.1 matches automatically. Its linking quality is enhanced. All the buttons are hidden around the earmuffs. Your brilliant life is not limited by wires. Its built-in lithium battery consumes low power. The headphone can play music for 5 hours in a row. With its high endurance, the user can enjoy audio-visual entertainment at will. Coming in cool and good-looking blue, dazzling and beautiful yellow, low profile and good quality gray, the headphone shows your personal style at will. Which one do you prefer?


Liberty LB-7309EA On-Ear Headphone

Liberty LB-7309EA Headphone provides high quality stereo with its sealed earmuffs. Lightweight, the headphone can be adjusted to fit all kinds of face and head shapes. Compatible with iOs and Android, the headphone can be operated by one hand. The user can select music and answer the phone by wire. With its highly breathable sponge coated with leather, the user’s ears remain comfortable and fit well after being covered for a long time. It is useful for users during entertainment (listening to music, playing online game), at work (video conference) and when learning languages. Coming in rock black, magic red and angel white, the headphone is low-profile and neat but with its own highlight. It completely fits hipsters!


Liberty LB-7304EA Over-the-Head Headphone

The over ear headphone made of soft leather is very comfortable for users. Its enfolding design improves acoustic seal, easily blocking external noises. The ear wrap part is ingeniously foldable, saving space and convenient to be carried around. With the adjustable wear, the user can adjust it to the size fitting him (her) the best. The wire is connected with a 3.5mm connector with plugged and played function. It is applicable for various computer, communication and consumer products. It is not only convenient for storage but is plugged and played. The user can listen to music anywhere. The headphone is in black with red or blue. The two colors match well with each other. The headphone looks fashionable in simple and sophisticated style, showing its elegant texture again and again. With its high quality stereo sounds and magnificent surrounding effects, the user seems to listen to the music on site, enjoying a superb feast of the ear.


Liberty LB-709EA Driven-by-Wire Earphone

The fans of white computer, communication and consumer products will love the fashionable and stylish white earphone. The one-press control is easy. The user can talk on the phone or listen to music anytime. When the music is on, the user can answer the phone with one press and press again to hang up to resume the music without resetting. It is simple and efficient. The ultra comfortable soft earplugs fit the duct perfectly. The user will wear them comfortably without pressure. The user would not feel painful and tired after using the product for a long time. Made of premium cable, the product shows the original sounds clearly without disruption or noises. It does not hurt the hearing. The product is applicable for computers, tablet computers and smart phones. The flat cable prevents entanglement. It is convenient for storage. The handy and inexpensive earphone meets every need perfectly. It is the best perfect partner when the user listens to music.


Liberty LB-510 Flashlight

The multifunctional desk lamp that uses the power-saving and environmental materials features many functions that increase the comfortable feeling. It allows you to experience the perfect, causal life of reading and writing. The highly-efficient blub can extend the usage life of the product and do not need to be exchanged. The soft light that does not flicker and has no infrared or ultraviolet ray can reduce the damage on the users’ eyes. The tube can help the users adjust the light to any angles and satisfy their own needs. Particularly, the design of the groove on the base allows the users to easily place a tablet on it. The grids on the base help organize the desktop stationery. The product is such a bargain! The exchangeable USB connector simplifies the process of battery exchange; the installed high-capacity lithium battery can get charged easily through the power line. Both outlets and computers are applicable to the product. The pink-yellow and blue metal painted appearance is fashionable and beautiful. The product helps decorate your office and household space.


Liberty LB-33306 Extension Cord

The 3P safe extension cord with three switches and three outlets is equipped with the surprising, colorful independent switches, which improve the level of your household decoration. It satisfies the needs of the safety of power usage and your personal decoration. The design of the circuit that is made into one piece can resist high temperature, fire, lightning stroke, and absorb surge voltage. It stabilizes the power supply and protects your household appliances. The high-purity cooper piece can avoid the risk caused by increasing temperature. The protective switch for overloading increases the safety factors. The appearance is heavy-duty and shock-resistant; the horizontal flattened plug is suitable for the outlets behind a closet, sofa or household appliance without occupying much space. It is also applicable to 2P and 3P plugs; a labor-saving ring attached to the flattened plug also allows the users to pull off the plug easily without getting an electric shock. The white body and the colorful switches make the product pleasant to look. The extension cord with the stylish shape brings more fun to your usage!


Liberty LB-5024CA 8-bit Calculator

The ingenious 8-bit calculator includes addition, subtraction, multiplication and division as well as square root and percentage. With large display and neat and large fonts, the digits are shown clearly. The user can see the arithmetic procedure clearly. With the elastic buttons, the user can press the buttons effortlessly. The buttons bounce back rapidly without getting jammed. The efficiency of calculation is vastly enhanced. The machine is exquisitely and uniquely designed. The three single colors, pure white, light blue and light red blend harmoniously with the cream round buttons and crystal and beautiful body, presenting visual minimalist style. Powered by both solar energy and batteries, the calculator is filled with power all the time. Small and exquisite, it is easy to be held in one hand. It is convenient for storage and does not take too much space, a top choice at home and away.


Liberty LB-4010SC TypeC 1.5M Transmission Cable

In the age when people seek for high efficiency, even charging device needs to be fast and accurate! To charge computer, communication and consumer products rapidly, the cable made of pure copper wire is better. Liberty LB-4010SC Type-C 1.5M Transmission Cable is made of pure copper wire, providing 2A large electric current. It can charge device and transmit data at the same time in lightening speed. The user does not have wait for a long time. The anti-oxidant metal connector passes plugging and pulling tests for 10,000 times. It protects data and transmits electric current stably. The junction is in one piece, preventing breaking and jamming. The cable is more durable than a regular one by 3 times. Super compatible, it supports all the computer, communication and consumer products with Type-C connectors. It is applicable for Mac and Windows PC. The smart chip supports QC 2.0 and 3.0 quick charge. Meeting USB2.0 specification and downward compatible for 1.1 and 1.0. Made of eco-friendly PVC, the cable is soft, easy to be folded and stored, and does not get entangled and tangled up. Coming in black and white, the cable goes well with everything.


Liberty LB-4009SC TypeC 1M Transmission Cable

With the development of technology, people take mobile device with them all the time. A transmission cable like the lifeline of computer, communication and consumer products, not only connects one device with another but also one of the important tools to connect modern people and the external world. Liberty LB-4009SC Type-C 1M Transmission Cable lives for quick charge. Its pure copper good quality wire meets US wire standard AWG, transmitting data stably and protecting cellphones more. Made of eco-friendly PVC, the cable is water and dust proof, effectively preventing pulling and stretching and extending its service life. Applicable for all major brand electronic device and digital computer, communication and consumer products with Type-C connectors, it accepts hot plugging and can be plugged and used. It is compatible with Mac and Windows PC. Choose LB-4009SC Type-C 1M Transmission Cable, you can work smarter, live more easily and have more fun.


Liberty LB-037FA USB Fan

The desktop retro mini electric fan is only 6 inches large. It is convenient to be carried around. Besides placed on the desk or office table, it is suitable for barbeque, camping, picnic and other outdoor activities. The product is a useful gadget for cooling down in summer. Powered by USB cable, it is plugged and played and easy for storage. There is a button switch on the back, convenient for power control. Powered by 2.5w, it is eco-friendly, energy saving and durable. With little noise, it is not disturbing. It generates large, powerful and lasting wind. The fan is in exquisite retro style. Its bronze baking paint is filled with nostalgic atmosphere. With ultra wide bottom and antiskid pad, the fan is safe, firm and its wind can go 360 degrees. The attached iron protective net is fixed by screws. It is convenient for dismantlement and cleaning. Powered by a wall charger, car charger, mobile charger, etc., the fan cools you down anytime in summer!


Liberty LB-3305MO Multi-Purpose Mouse

Computers have been one of the indispensible daily goods for modern people. The helper to connect reality with virtual world and convey all kinds of orders—mouse—is an important tool we can never ignore. No matter the user needs to do word processing or play leisure or entertaining games, a mouse is necessary. To cope with the long-time and high-precision operation, a highly smart Liberty LB-3305MO Multi-Purpose Mouse with high report rate and feeling good in hand is the best tool at work and during game-playing. With four cursor speed change 800/1200/1600/2400 DPI in the high-precision game optical engine, the mouse makes work faster and game playing faster and smoother. With 6 multi-purpose buttons, it is faster to roll to the previous page and more convenient to set up game orders. It 2 meters long firm and interference prevention woven cable, the mouse provides the maximal cabled service scope without limitation. It is all right to play games fiercely. With Liberty LB-3305MO Multi-Purpose Mouse, the user not only upgrades his (her) device and works more efficiently, but also turns into a level A player immediately.


Liberty LB-306MOMouse

Named after Toyotomi Hideyoshi who integrated Japan during the Sengoku period, the mouse is decorated with the beautiful family heraldry of 5-7 Paulownia. It has white and bright colors for your choices. The mouse is not only easy to use but also elegant in texture. The ergonomic streamline style allows the users to relax their hand muscles. The product is suitable for both right handers and left handers. It that is comfortable to hold will not make you feel tired even after a long time of usage. With the USB connecter, the mouse can increase your work efficiency since it can be used as long as it is inserted into your device without installation of any drivers. Not only the specification of 1000 DPI high resolution and the ability to control the cursor smartly and smoothly, the product also features its design of the antiskid roller, which enhances the stability and precision of selecting the webpages and words as well as browsing a website. The wire of the mouse is 1.5 meters in length. The product is portable and perfect in matching up with your desktop computer while it is also a great helper in word processing! The fashionable and stylish appearance and pattern elevate your personal taste and make computer operation become more interesting.


Liberty LB-8016TE Multi-Purpose Teemperature and Humidity Clock

Do you often miss the weather broadcast on news channel? To know the weather information, you have to either keep switching channels with the remote control or wait for a long time for the information shown on the electronic scroll. My goodness. Can I save the trouble because I just want to know about the weather? You don’t need so much trouble! Liberty LB-8016TE Multi-Purpose Humidity and Temperature Clock equipped with five functions, clock, alarm clock, thermometer, hygrometer, weather prediction, is an exclusive weather station for the whole family! With the panel in elevation angle and ultra large fonts, it is easy to read the information. The user can easily grasp the information regarding the weather, temperature and humidity everyday. With the intelligent weather broadcast function, the clock automatically shows the latest weather condition. Coming in cool black, dazzling blue and bright orange, the product becomes the highlight of the table and bedside. Its time can be set up as a 12-hour or 24-hour clock while the temperature can be switched between Celsius and Fahrenheit. It is easy to set up. Both adults and children can easily learn how to use it. The longest ring of the alarm clock is 60 seconds. Every morning when the user gets up, (s)he can immediately know the temperature of the day without worrying about what to wear for the day.


Liberty LB-2013CL Clock

When everyone replaces a watch or clock with a cellphone, the implicit soul of hipster in your heart still love a retro style clock. It is not only a beautiful ornament at the bedside or on the desk, but also a practical and considerate partner in life. LB-2013CL Clock is an alarm clock in retro style with modern design concepts, including: two retro colors: European style ancient bronze and sentimental gunmetal; the snow white clock dial with large fonts clear even to sleepy eyes; noise free design without ticking sounds disturbing sleep, working, studying; night light button convenient for users to confirm the time at night; an home decoration in 9.1 cm long x 5.5 cm wide x 12.5 cm high, etc. These are all considerate and good designs starting out under the consideration of humanity. LB-2013CL Clock lets an alarm clock not just an alarm clock. Instead, it is a loyal roommate of your life, always “ringing” before you.


Liberty LB-2012CL Clock

The clock in exquisitely simple style is made of materials with environmental protection certification. Powered by only one C size battery, it consumes low electricity and saves energy. It is 250 grams in weight. With the moderate weight, it is good to be held and solid without worries. With unique rotating spindle, the dial can rotate 360 degrees independently without moving the whole clock. It is extremely convenient. With the clear and super large font, the user can see the time easily without burden. The 3D digits look absolutely ingenious. In light green, pure white and black, the clock contains various styles for consumers to choose from. With the standing frame, the user seems to watch a landscape painting when seeing the time. The user would have a good night’s sleep and wake up for another wonderful day because the secondhand walks noiselessly.


Liberty LB-2010CL Clock

The neat and fashionable snooze and noise free alarm clock looks square but without angles. It is calm and round. Coming in dark brown, pure white, and light blue, it can freely go with the layout of the room and show one’s personal style. Powered by only a C size battery, it saves energy and reduces carbon. With smooth mirror and super large font, the user can see the time clearly in any angle. Those worrying about getting late do not need to worry anymore. Starting the snooze function by pressing the button, the user can lie in secretly without worrying about oversleeping. With the particularly made noise free movement, the hands move smoothly and noiselessly. The user won’t be disturbed by the annoying ticking sound when sleeping at night.


Liberty LB-2009CL Clock

The simple and stylish snooze alarm clock shows time in super large fonts. The user can easily tell time. With built-in snooze function, the user who would like to lie can sleep for a few more minutes without worrying about oversleeping. The clock in dark brown, pure white and sky blue looks beautiful in its own unique way. The thick and solid base prevents the clock from falling down. Powered by only a C size battery, it saves energy and does not waste electricity. With the thoughtful fluorescent hands, the user can see the time when sleeping with all the lights off. The second hand is noise free. It is quiet moving at night. The user won’t be bothered by ticking sound. Small and exquisite, it is proper to be placed at bedside or on the desk, etc., advantageous for storage.


Liberty FS-8822 Clock

Installed with the high-quality stereo speaker, the clock allows you to wake up in a chord melody and start an energetic day! The rounded shape and the classical line symbolize good luck and happiness. The wood-like texture also gives off the elegant feeling. The magnified figures, 3, 6, 9 and 12, work with the rounded appearance and enhance the visual consistency; the hour hand, minute hand and second hand also match the brown and black colors to present a simple but fashionable style. The silent device that creates no ticking sound would not disturb your sleeping. The pleasing and loud music would wake you up naturally and give you full energy. The base is raised with 12 degree lean, which allows the users to read the clock without much effort. The soft LED night light that is power-saving would not hurt your eye and allow you to control your time even in a dark room. The clock with silence mode, night light, snooze function and loud ringing would be your best helper in managing your time.


Liberty LB-8801 Clock

The Clock specially designed with the rural-styled house is different from other round and square clocks; it adds another kind of flavor to your household decoration. The Clock styled with the mini, lovely house and the bright and delicate colors has pink and blue colors for your choices. The fine lines are very popular among the female customers. Echoing in the house, the ringing of the beautiful chord melody inspires the users and gives them full energy; the device for snoozing can prevent you from oversleeping and being late. The big figures are clear and identifiable; the LED light allows you to control the time in the night. The high-quality silent movement enables the users to say goodbye to the annoying ticking sound of the second hand and keep their sleeping undisturbed. The delicate house that includes the designs of a chimney, window frames and attic can matches up with the real model! Placed at the bedside or living room, the Clock gives off the warm atmosphere. With the pleasing design that brings the brand-new feeling, the Clock is not only a time-managing helper but also a great decoration.


Liberty LB-208 Clock

The apple shape alarm clock looks cute and childlike. The fashionable cubic digits look 3 dimensional. The clear and large digits can be seen easily so that the user can know the time clearly. In addition, it is equipped with night light. The user can see it clearly in a dark room. The bottom is stable and not slippery. Looking exquisite, it is suitable to be placed at the head of the bed, living room or on the desk. It not only shows your personal taste but also helps you control the time and increase work efficiency. The smooth surface is very lovable. Made of ABS green and toxic free material, the product is easy for cleaning and maintenance. Noise free, without ticking sound and with quiet sweep second hand, the product is equipped with quality guaranteed movement without disturbing the user’s sleep. Installed with snooze prevention mechanism, the clock rings loudly to prevent the user from oversleeping and being late. The lightweight alarm clock is well-functioned. It comes in green and light blue. The lively color makes the user pleasant.


Liberty LB-204 Clock

The 5.5-inch rounded clock is moderate in size and recognizable. The arced shape is clear; the small rounded feet under the base create an angle to comply with ergonomics that allows the users to read the clock easily. The large figures are clear and easy to read; the specially-enhanced figures, 3, 6, 9, and 12 help you to identify time quickly and improve the efficiency in time management. The silent second hand without ticking sounds will not affect your sleeping. The clock helps wake you up in the morning with loud ringing to welcome a new day with full energy. The machine body is made of the nontoxic materials. The acrylic glass is wear-resistant and scratch-resistant; the smart design of the three-dimensional figures gives the clock much creativity. The bottoms for adjusting time and switches on the back are convenient to operate. People who love the simple style must not miss the product! The clock has white and pink colors for your choices. The product that uses only a No.3 battery is power-saving and environmental.


Liberty LB-190 Clock

The delicate and fashionable clock is designed with different sizes of round elements! With the round frame, round feet and round lines, the clock that looks like a geometric round figure leaves people a deep visual impression no matter where it is placed. Featuring the best human-factor angle for viewing, the clock also presents the clear, big figures. With the support of the LED night light, you may control your schedule at anytime even in a dark room. The high-quality movement that generates no sounds in a midnight, not even the disturbing ticking sound of the second hand, allows you to have a sound sleep every night. The design for snoozing and loud ringing is a great tool that helps you to go to work or school on time. The styled clock would wake you up and give you full energy to welcome a wonderful day. The Clock has four pink colors for your choices, blue, green, yellow and pink; the users only need to change the battery once in a while.


Liberty LB-187 Clock

The Clock is a wonderful managing tool that helps you to get up on time every day! With the black-white background, the transparent crystal acrylic plastic device presents the simple and fashionable style. The simplest black and white colors create a stable atmosphere for sleeping. The Clock also has the green and blue colors for your choices. The selected movement would not disturb you and save you the trouble of ticking sound. By gently pressing the LED night light in a dark room, you may read the current time easily. In the morning, the loud ringing would wake you up and give you full energy. In the case that you want to stay in bed for a little longer, the clock with the function for snoozing would keep you from sleeping over! The feet at the base have formed the best angle with the body of the machine. The big figures are so clear that you may read the time easily without hurting your eyes. With only one No. 3 battery that keeps the clock working in a power-saving way, the clock would create a comfortable life style.


Liberty LB-186 Clock

The delicate and lovely round clock is equipped with the two feet at the base, which create the visual angle that matches the human factors most and allow the users to read the time easily. The transparent clock mirror made of the acrylic material matches the four colors, pink, blue, yellow and grass green, to create the jelly-like and crystal effects. If looking carefully, you may find that the figures within the mirror are three-dimensional and that the design shows lots of smartness. The round and classic device is useful for decoration. While placed at the bedside, the clock would add the lively atmosphere to a room. Particularly, the selected silent movement creates no ticking sounds and would not disturb your sleeping. The additional LED light also allows you to identify the time clearly in a dark room. In the morning, the loud ringing would wake you up and inspire you to welcome an energetic day. In the case that you feel like snoozing, the function for snoozing would also keep you from sleeping over. The main switch and switch of night light are all at the back side, which are convenient for your operation.