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Welcome to join Liberty membership!
To protect your rights, please read the following sections carefully before joining the membership.  After joining the membership, you are deemed to have read and agreed to abide by the following sections provided in the agreement.

I.  Member Service Terms
1. ”Members” referred to in the member service terms mean those who complete the membership procedure provided at the website and are approved.
2. By using any service provided at the website, you agree to abide by the service terms and applicable laws.
3. The website reserves the right to review and approve an applicant’s qualification for the membership.  The website also reserves the right to revoke the membership of any member.
4. Amendments to the member service terms are applicable to all members.  After the member service terms are amended, the amendments will be posted on the website.

II. Protection of Privacy
Your privacy is respected and protected pursuant to the Privacy Protection Declaration provided by the website. (Please refer to the terms of the Privacy Protection Declaration.)

III. Members
1. To use services provided for members at the website, a member shall use the user ID and password provided upon application for membership.
2. Using and managing the user ID and password of a member is the responsibility of the member.  For all actions and results caused by use of the website (by a member or a third party) through the user ID and password of the member, the member shall be solely held liable.
3. In case a member loses his/her user ID or password or finds any unauthorized use of his/her user ID or password, the member must inform the website of the loss and unauthorized use immediately.  If the website is unable to effectively prevent and correct due to your failure to inform timely, the member shall be solely responsible for all losses to the website.
4. After use of the service, you shall log out of the service and close the browser window in order to protect your membership right.
5. If the company or a third party is investigated or sued by an administration agency or any other party due to your use of the third party’s user ID and password without authorization, the company and the third party have the right to ask damages from you, including but not limited to litigation costs, lawyer’s fee and goodwill loss.

IV. Member Information Provided by Members
1. Member information provided by you as a member shall be accurate, latest and complete.
2. Member information (e.g.: personal information and credit card information) shall not be fabricated or false.  If it is found to be fabricated or false, the company may refuse the member’s application for membership or suspend or terminate his/her qualification for membership.  In case of such fabrication or fault in violation of the law of the Republic of China, the concerned member shall be punished in accordance with the law.
3. When the basic information (e.g.: address, phone number and other provided information) of a member is changed, the member is required to update his/her personal information to ensure its accuracy and completeness.  If any information you provide is incorrect or inconsistent, the website has the right to suspend or terminate your account and refuse your continuous use of the service.
4. Without the consent of the member, the company does not disclose to a third party any personal information of the member containing his/her privacy, except the information disclosed pursuant to the principle of information sharing.  (Please refer to the Privacy Protection Declaration provided by the website.)
5. Each member shall keep his/her password well and shall not disclose it to a third party.  All actions conducted by the person using the ID Card No. and the password of a member at the website shall be deemed to have conducted by the member and the password holder.
6. If a member finds or suspects that a third party uses the ID Card number or password of the member without authorization, the member shall inform the company immediately and take necessary precautionary measures.  However, informing the company is not construed to mean that the company is liable or under obligation to compensate the member in any manner.

V. Use of Service
1. All actions that you conduct while using the service shall be in accordance with applicable local and international regulations.  For all actions conducted by the user, you shall assume all responsibilities.
2. You agree not to use the service in any illegal manner or for any illegal purpose and agree to comply with applicable laws of the Republic of China and international Internet practices.  You also guarantee that you shall not use the service to impair any right of a third person or conduct any illegal action.
3. When using the member service, you shall not post or distribute any of the following items:
 a) Anything impairing moral right, trademark, copyright, intellectual property right or any other right of any person;
 b) Any text in violation of public order or good morals or any illegal text;
 c) extreme views on politics or religion;
 d)Without the permission of the company, a member shall not use the service or the website to provide other resources, including but not limited to graph database and webpage design software, engage in any commercial transaction or solicit advertisers or sponsors.
 e) Anything in violation of the member service terms provided by the website.

VI. Proprietary Rights of the Company
1. All software and items used by or linked with the service and the contents provided by any advertiser or partner of the company are protected by copyright or other proprietary rights or applicable laws.
2. By transfer information to the service provided by the company, you agree that the transferred information is completely open (available to anyone).  You authorize and permit the company to reproduce, modify, adapt or use all or part of the information in any format, and use the information to produce any derivative work.  Copyright of derivative works shall be owned by the company.
3. The company agrees that the aforementioned information and derivative works shall be placed on the website for users to review in accordance with the service terms, and shall not be illegally transferred for profit seeking or to impair your rights.
4. The ownership and management power of all advertisement and activity messages shown on webpages are owned by the company.  Without the prior consent of the company, any of such messages shall not be used.
5. Members agree and authorize the website to provide its cooperation units (third parties) with information of members to use within the agreed scope in order to provide personalization service or relevant value added services.  If any member does not agree to have his/her information listed in the list of service or product provision of the cooperation units (third parties), the member may request the website to delete his/her information from the list and give up his/her right to obtain any special offer or prize provided by the third parties.
6. For the purpose of marketing, market analysis, statistics or research, or provision of personalization service or value added services, members agree that the company and its strategic cooperation partners may record, keep and use the information and records saved or generated by the member at the website, and publish or use statistical data without disclosing such information.
7. Each member agrees that the website shall collect, process, keep, transfer and use, within the reasonable scope, the personal information provided by the member in order to provide the user with any information or service, prepare statistical data of members, or conduct any survey or marketing research relevant to network behavior.

VII. Termination of Authorization
Should you violate any law or the terms of use or impair the rights of the website or a third party while using the service, the company has the right to suspend or permanently terminate the authorization granted to you to use the service, without prior notice.

VIII. Disclaimer
1. In case of any of the following situations, the website has the right to stop or discontinue providing the service.
 a) Software or hardware relevant to the service is replaced, updated, maintained or constructed.
 b) Electronic communication equipment malfunctions suddenly.
 c) The website is unable to provide services due to act of God or any other force majeure factor.
2. The company is not responsible for any direct, indirect or consequential property loss or non-property loss of any user caused by his/her use of the service.
3. Each user shall keep a backup of the text, photo or information uploaded.  The company is not responsible for loss or damage of all or part of the uploaded text, photo or information for any reason.
4. The company does not guarantee the use of the service or the result generated, and does not guarantee that the software relevant to the service is indefective or will be corrected.
5. All of your words, opinions or actions at the website are represented by you alone and are not presented in the company’s position, and the company does not assume any responsible.  The company does not guarantee the accuracy of the identity declared by each user.
6. The company is not responsible to you or any one for any threat, slander, obscenity or illegal behavior involving in the service.
7. For any product or service purchased or obtained through the service or posted, sold or delivered through the company’s sponsor or advertiser, you shall assume potential risks or negotiate with the service provider for any claim.  Any of the risks or claims are irrelevant to the company, and the company does not assume any responsibility.

IX. Modification Right
1. By starting to use the service, you agree that you have fully read, understood and accepted the service terms.  The company has the right to amend or modify the service terms any time without notice to each member.  We suggest your reviewing the service terms periodically.  By using the service continuously after the amendment or modification to the service terms, you agree that you have read, understood and accepted the amendment or modification to the service terms. 
2. The company has the right to temporarily or permanently change or discontinue the service provided for you.  You shall not request any compensation from us for such change of discontinuation.

X. Protection of Intellectual Property Right
1. The website or any other owner legally owns the intellectual property rights, including but not limited to patent right, copyright, trade secrets and know-how, of the software and programs used by the website and all contents of the website, including but not limited to works, pictures, files, information, data, website framework and webpage design.
2. No one shall use, modify, reproduce, publicly broadcast, change, distribute, publish, publicly publish, conduct reverse engineering, decompile or disassemble.  If you intend to cite or quote the aforementioned software, program or contents of the website, you have to obtain the prior written consent of the website or any other right owner.  In case of any violation, you shall be responsible to the website or the right owner for damages (including but not limited to litigation costs and lawyer’s fee).

XI. Miscellaneous
1. The terms and conditions for users of the website and the disclaimers constitute part of the terms of use.
2. In case of any dispute arising out of use of the service, Taiwan Taichung District Court shall be the court of first instance.
3. If the company is investigated or sued by a third party or an administration agency due to your use of the service, the company has the right to ask damages from you, including but not limited to litigation costs, lawyer’s fee and goodwill loss.
4. The company will inform members properly prior to occurrence of any foreseeable system disconnection or discontinuity caused by maintenance of software or hardware.

XII. Termination of Membership and the Company’s Obligation to Give Notice
1. The company has the right to change the contents of each service or terminate the account of each member.
2. If a member decides to terminate his/her membership, the member may inform the company directly via Email or cancel through the mechanism provided by the company.  The company will annul your membership soon.
3. Each member is under obligation to inform the company of his/her intent to cancel the membership.  The member shall lose all special offers and rights provided by the service from the date when his/her membership is terminated.  (The date on which the company sends the notice of termination via Email shall prevail.)
4. To prevent any event in bad faith resulting in loss of the rights available to a member, the company will send an e-mail to confirm the member’s intent to cancel the membership after receiving the notice of membership termination from the member, and then actually annul the member’s membership.